Corey Graves Responds to Ronda Rousey’s WWE Remarks: ‘Her Opinion Is Valid; I Regret Any Discomfort She May Have’

Corey Graves Responds to Ronda Rousey's WWE Remarks: 'Her Opinion Is Valid; I Regret Any Discomfort She May Have'

During an appearance on SportsMed Wrestle Binge as a guest of Bill Apter, WWE SmackDown commentator Corey Graves shared his insights on Ronda Rousey’s recent comments regarding her tenure in WWE, particularly her outspoken remarks about Vince McMahon.

When prompted by Apter to offer his perspective, Graves approached the topic with a balanced viewpoint. He emphasized the diversity of experiences within the wrestling industry, acknowledging that not everyone achieves their desired goals. Drawing comparisons to individuals like Logan Paul who seamlessly transition into the world of wrestling, Graves highlighted the varying paths and experiences individuals encounter.

Addressing Ronda Rousey’s background in combat sports, Graves expressed respect for her personal journey while acknowledging its divergence from the traditional wrestling landscape. Despite any potential disagreements, Graves maintained a level of understanding, recognizing Rousey’s entitlement to her opinions. He expressed regret if Rousey felt dissatisfied, acknowledging her significant impact and fanbase within WWE.

In essence, Graves’ remarks reflected a nuanced understanding of the multifaceted nature of experiences within WWE, along with a respectful acknowledgment of differing viewpoints.

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