Goldberg Reflects on Returning to Wrestling: ‘Retirement Doesn’t Happen Until You’re Gone’

Goldberg Reflects on Returning to Wrestling: 'Retirement Doesn't Happen Until You're Gone'

Bill Goldberg, WWE Hall of Famer, recently joined the Drinkin’ Bros. podcast for an engaging discussion. Goldberg’s last wrestling match occurred in 2022, where he faced Roman Reigns at WWE Elimination Chamber PLE.

During the podcast, Goldberg was queried about the possibility of returning to the ring. He responded with a classic wrestler’s mentality, stating, “When you’re a professional wrestler by trade, you never retire until you’re dead.” Despite being approached multiple times about a comeback, Goldberg expressed the difficulty of stepping away from the wrestling world, especially considering his focus on family in recent years. He highlighted the joy of spending time with his son, who has been heavily involved in sports, particularly baseball and football.

Reflecting on his personal life, Goldberg shared a charming anecdote about meeting his wife. Recalling a scene he filmed in a strip club, he humorously recounted how his wife, the only one not completely naked, caught his attention. Their relationship has flourished over the past 15 years.

Goldberg also discussed his upcoming projects, including potential series regular roles in Los Angeles. However, he emphasized that family remains his top priority, especially with his son’s involvement in college football.

Additionally, Goldberg mentioned his YouTube series, “Goldberg’s Garage,” which continues to attract viewers.

The conversation delved into personal connections as Goldberg revealed that Ric Flair was his brother’s college roommate. He teased intriguing stories about Flair’s antics, shedding light on the legendary wrestler’s colorful past.

Goldberg’s appearance on the Drinkin’ Bros. podcast offered fans a glimpse into his life beyond the wrestling ring, showcasing his dedication to family and his continued presence in the entertainment industry.

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