Becky Lynch Ponders Trish Stratus’ WWE Comeback: ‘I Think She’s Eyeing Another Run’

Becky Lynch Ponders Trish Stratus' WWE Comeback: 'I Think She's Eyeing Another Run'

WWE Superstar Becky Lynch recently sat down for an interview on the “Cheap Heat” podcast to discuss her latest book, titled “Becky Lynch: The Man: Not Your Average Girl,” now available on Amazon and various other book-selling platforms.

During the conversation, Peter Rosenberg recalled attending WWE Payback last year and being seated beside Seth Rollins during Lynch’s Steel Cage Match against Trish Stratus. He expressed curiosity about Rollins’ perspective on witnessing the match following his own significant wrestling endeavors.

Reflecting on her encounter with Stratus, Lynch expressed immense fondness for the bout, considering it one of her personal favorites and a source of great pride. She emphasized the importance of feeling fully engaged and present during a match, indicating that her level of immersion serves as a measure of its quality. Lynch appreciated the freedom afforded by pay-per-view events, enabling her to remain focused without the constraints of commercial breaks or time limitations, thus enhancing her overall enjoyment and connection to the match.

When asked about Stratus’ response to the match, Lynch affirmed that Stratus indeed enjoyed the experience.

Rosenberg expressed his hope that this wouldn’t mark the end of Stratus’ involvement in WWE. In response, Lynch conveyed optimism, suggesting that Stratus harbors a desire to return to the ring once more.

The complete interview is currently accessible on all podcast platforms for listeners to enjoy.