Clarification from Kevin Nash: No Ties to WWE Payroll, Offers Insight into Absence from Sting’s Farewell Match

Clarification from Kevin Nash: No Ties to WWE Payroll, Offers Insight into Absence from Sting's Farewell Match

On the “Kliq This” podcast, Kevin Nash clarified that he is not on WWE’s payroll and addressed his previous statement about not being present at Sting’ll last match. Nash has previously claimed that he was denied the invitation by Sting due to his WWE affiliation.

Nash denied being on the WWE payroll during his statement. I said, “I’m a WWE guy.” It’s impossible for me to have a photo of myself in the crowd that includes the phrase “Is all Elite.” I am unable to obtain that. This is not effective. Paul Levesque is one of my most cherished friends. Despite my love for Steve and knowledge of his final match, I will still tune in. It is our intention to discuss it. I’ve never watched a WrestleMania or RAW or SmackDown, or any pay-per-view event. I haven’t been to any events. I am not interested in going out and spending time with a large number of people, let alone engaging with them. I refuse to do it. I have stayed inside, that’s the deal.
The ‘Cody Crazies’ were thought to be real by Kevin Nash’s co-host, as he stated a few weeks ago. It’s my belief that they are now turning on Rock.

Nash stated that Dwayne was the one who made the most money, regardless of his response. Babe Ruth’s return to the Yankees team in time would make him the most excessively egotistical on the team. His name is Babe Ruth. When you’re a shell of yourself and were renowned, that’s one thing. Even John Cena is losing his hair and he looks much smaller. His age is becoming apparent. Yule Brenner and rock are alike. Yul Brenner’s presence in ‘The Ten Commandments’ always makes me feel like The Rock has stolen his pride from him.

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