CM Punk discusses AEW, his grievances with Jack Perry, The Elite, WWE, and additional topics

CM Punk discusses AEW, his grievances with Jack Perry, The Elite, WWE, and additional topics

CM Punk made an appearance on The MMA Hour, engaging in an interview that spanned roughly two hours, delving into various aspects of his stint in AEW. Among the topics discussed were his disagreements with The Elite, Colt Cabana, Tony Khan, Jack Perry, and more.

Reflecting on his injury sustained during the 2024 Royal Rumble, Punk shared, “I knew immediately. I knew this wasn’t good.” He described the moment as a split-second decision, acknowledging instances in past Royal Rumbles where he probably should have been removed due to injury but emphasized that this injury was different. Punk recounted the realization of the severity of his injury, stating, “I grab my arm, dig my finger right in there where my tricep is supposed to be and there’s just a big hole and I just go, okay, it’s gone.”

Regarding WWE’s unexpected call five days before Survivor Series to discuss his return to the company, Punk revealed, “I think the call was more of, ‘Hey, we want to talk to you about coming back. We’d love to have you for the Royal Rumble’.”

Addressing the circumstances surrounding his return to WWE before Survivor Series, Punk disclosed, “I don’t think they would ever allow me to be on television without signing something.” He described the hurried nature of the contract signing process and the surprised reactions of those present backstage.

Punk then contrasted the atmosphere of the locker room from his earlier tenure with WWE, highlighting a shift towards a friendlier and more relaxed environment in contrast to the cutthroat competition he faced upon his initial arrival.

Regarding potential WrestleMania plans before his injury, Punk revealed, “The plan I think was going to be me and Seth (for the belt on night one).”

On the incident involving Jack Perry, Punk recounted his attempts to address the situation diplomatically, expressing concerns about the proposed actions and their implications. Despite efforts to defuse the situation, tensions escalated, leading to Punk’s eventual resignation from the event.

Reflecting on Tony Khan’s reported fear for his safety during the incident, Punk maintained that his actions were not intended to cause harm but acknowledged the differences in perception and response.

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