CM Punk Injured at WWE Royal Rumble, Set to Miss WrestleMania

CM Punk Injured at WWE Royal Rumble, Set to Miss WrestleMania
Punk will address things on Raw

In his first televised WWE match, CM Punk sustained an injury during the Men’s Royal Rumble Match on Saturday’S Royal Relay.

In the final two, Punk and Cody Rhodes, the top contenders in wrestling history, clashed to win and then headline WrestleMania 40 for a title. Rhodes analyzed the potential Undisputed Universal Title challenger against Roman Reigns, and the possible World Title battle with Seth Rollins as Punk.

During the Royal Rumble today, Dave Meltzer sustained a significant injury. Meltzer observed that the injury he had was not confirmed by those in WWE history. He is expected to discuss the nature of the injury tonight on Raw. It has been suggested by some that the torn triceps is an unresolved issue within WWE.

In the Rumble, Punk was spotted by an official who asked him to release his triceps, as per Meltzer. According to reports, it transpired late in the game following Drew McIntyre’s future unexpected DDT.

In 2022, Punk had surgery after being injured at All Out in Chicago.

Pwinsider has reported that Punk may have sustained triceps injuries and is expected to require surgery. Punk would need 4-6 months of physical therapy and recovery to make it past WrestleMania.

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