Crowbar reflects on the passing of Daffney, discusses the challenges of working with David Flair in WCW, AEW and more.

Crowbar reflects on the passing of Daffney, discusses the challenges of working with David Flair in WCW, AEW and more.

In an exclusive interview for, Steve Fall spoke with the former WCW Star Crowbar (Devon Storm). Crowbar is in the world of wrestling since 1992 and has witnessed and heard all kinds of things. He has discussed working with David Flair in WCW, working with WCW/TNA’s late star Daffney and wrestler Joey Janela on AEW Dark and many more.

Crowbar for the WWE’s Light Heavyweight division competing with WCW Cruiserweights

“They had some great talent. Scott Taylor being one of those too. You saw some great matches, but they never put the time or energy into it that WCW put into their cruiserweights, therefore you never had the same result. At the end of the day, it was mind blowing that I was even a part of it, so that was cool.”

Crowbar about the stress of working alongside Ric Flaair’s son David as a member of WCW:

“As the story goes, I had flown into Denver, Colorado. I had flown in for the Saturday night show. I went to the hotel restaurant/bar, I had my hair down, I had a leather jacket on, and I looked like a freak. Vince Russo took a liking to the way I looked and then he inquired about how well I worked and yada, yada, yada. At that time, David Flair was on all the main shows. Not a very strong in-ring performer, but for whatever reason, if you go back and look and do the research, he was popping a rating. People loved watching crazy David Flair stock women and act crazy and whack people with a crowbar and all this crazy stuff he was doing. But again, unfortunately, not a strong in-ring performer. So somewhere somebody came up with the idea we’ll put him in a tag with a solid tag team partner. We’ll let the partner do the majority of the work, that way we could still present David Flair in the ring, even though his partner would do the majority of the work and it would solve the problem of not being able to put David Flair in in the ring. So that’s kind of how I got catapulted from WCW Saturday night to the main roster.”

Crowbar about the death of WCW/TNA’s star Daffney:

“I enjoyed working with her as a member of WCW. It was the time that we were as a team. It was at a period when we were just her, me along with David and people frequently asked what we were doing when we were just three kids having fun. We were three kids’ adults who were having a fantastic time. We often traveled together. I was aware that she was a gymnast. When I learned of that, I thought okay, let’s get throwing into some areas. Let’s test our Frankensteiner or let’s attempt a jumping Frankensteiner or an impromptu tornado DDT. Shane Helms and I began to help out in certain high spots to make the games more enjoyable in the future. If you look back, the spots were placed in the perfect spots, and she looked amazing doing it. The crowd was awed by them. There were many towns that were colleges towns. I vividly remember going out to see Crowbar as well as Daffney were in the crowd with this crowd, that wild college-aged crowd. She had this distinctive style, this persona. The goth style was beginning to become increasingly well-known. She was way ahead of this trend. She always wore a new shirt with a different slogan. She put an enormous amount of effort in her appearance and who she would like to portray. Also, she put an enormous amount of energy into the wrestling and in-ring training. You know, making moves, and learning how to wrestle. This went on throughout the years after WCW when she was on the TNA and also, I believe, she was in the Ring of Honor. The wrestler was very passionate about her personality, her movements and was a dependable performer. She was very and very hard. At the time of her death, we actually had a lot of communication frequently throughout the epidemic.

Crowbar in Working Joey Janella in AEW:

“Joey requested to work with me on Dark or Dark Elevation and fast forward to the fall of 2021, there I was. I started watching what I ate, watching what I drank, and hitting cardio at least once a day. I was so motivated and so thrilled. At this point, I don’t care what people think. It was a really cool, fun opportunity and something that I didn’t expect would come my way. So it was really cool and it was very motivational. I mean, that and the New Japan match this past fall are probably two highlights that came and got dropped in my lap that I never thought would happen and I’m extremely grateful for it and I had a great time doing it.”

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