Former Wrestler Alleges WWE Staff Member’s Advances Dating Back to the 1980s

Former Wrestler Alleges WWE Staff Member's Advances Dating Back to the 1980s

There is a second former wrestler from WWE who has claimed that he was approached by an official of the company in the 1980s. This time it was Nick Kiniski, the son of Gene Kiniski. Nick worked for WWE from 1986 until 1987.

New developments

In an appearance on the Episode of Pollock and Thurston stated in his time the WWF employee was forced to deal with unwelcome advances from WWF Employee Terry Garvin.

“I will not reveal what the man said, but you’ll be able to understand the significance behind it. He said, ‘Hey Nick Let me do oral sexual relations on you. You can read on a Playboy and have it for the rest of your life. Also, as you know, he’s my boss. He is my boss. This is my life and what I’m trying to accomplish. I joked with him, and I told him, ‘Hey Terry I know that I’m not this way. If I ever change then you’ll become the very first. I’ll allow you to take the lead. The two of us just laughed at it. However, he was always nice of popping up and laughing and once I had him come to my hotel room in the night and I commanded that he should leave. He knocked on the door.”


Kiniski claimed it placed him in a bizarre situation, before he recalled the story to Vince McMahon about it in Oregon to promote a show in Portland.

“I called Vince and told him”Hey, Vince, I don’t believe this is true. Terry’s yelling at me. I’m not happy and want it to be stopped. Then Vince was like”Oh, okay. I’ll take care of it. That was that. Nothing changed. Garvin would still ask, “Have you thought about the idea while he walks by the locker room.”

Garvin quit the company following the aftermath of the Ring Boy Scandal in 1992 and was joined by ring announcers Mel Phillips and Pat Patterson.

The former wrestler was taken off an event and not getting paid, which led to him contacting McMahon regarding it. He complained and felt he was in a way punished for the incident. Although he was determined to complete his schedule however, he was not willing to perform the honors of anyone.

“Put my name in the box. Let’s see what happens.’ Vince knew I could handle himself, and he asked”No. I replied I’m done. I told him”I’ll end my matches.’ He said “‘Nope, you’re done.. Thank for your time.'”

Garvin has also been was accused Barry Orton, brother of Bob Orton Jr. and Uncle of Randy Orton, of sexually assaulting him in 1978. Barry later claimed Garvin was blackballed for having discussed the matter with Barry Orton.

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