Former WWE Champion Hinted for Raw might be someone other than Andrade

Former WWE Champion Hinted for Raw might be someone other than Andrade

The show tonight WWE Raw will be a huge event as it will feature The Day 1 theme from the Pechanga Arena in San Diego, CA. The WWE hopes to attract good ratings in the wake of the semi-finals of college football on ESPN which is expected to stifle the show.

The show

WWE has been stacked with a number of title fights, as well as the teaser for an old WWE Champion appearing, which is speculated to feature Andrade.

In the lead-up to the AEW World End pay-per-view show There were rumors that the event would be the last appearance of Andrade who was the host of Miro during the event. In a press conference following the event AEW president Tony Khan addressed Andrade’s departure.

The report

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select was the first to announce Fightful Select was closing to securing a appearance from the former WWE Champion, something Triple H did on Twitter for “stay tuned.”

It’s still not clear about the base or qualification of “WWE Champion,” although it’s unlikely to be anything like an earlier Hardcore Champion.

The report also noted that “no source of talent or creativity who we’ve spoken with know who’s the person. In the early afternoon the person was assigned as a full segment in the middle of the show.”

They also were told that they would not be Mercedes Mone, who had recently talked that fell through in negotiations with the firm. It is worth noting it was The Rock is in Pasadena to attend College Gameday, which just happens to be just only a few hours away from the location of Raw.

The Rock’s most recent WWE performance on SmackDown this year was one in which the wrestler was in town for College Gameday.

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