In his first match since departing WWE, Mustafa Ali delivers a passionate Address

In his first match since departing WWE, Mustafa Ali delivers a passionate Address
Mustafa Ali was back in action.

Mustafa Ali was back in the ring this weekend and was the first time he had not in an WWE arena since the year the year 2017. Ali was released in September by WWE in September, along with several other stars because of budget reductions. Ali had to wait for 90 days before he could get another contract due to his non-compete provision.


In the present, he’s working on a schedule of shows that are independent, with numerous dates that have been confirmed. He was a professional during the summer in France with APC (Association Les Professionalnels du Catch) where he defeated Aigle Blanc at the top of their competition.

After the fight after the fight, he slapped on the young star, noting that every executive at each company he’s worked for has said to that no one would ever sing his name. Take a look at his speech below:

The speech

“I’ve been thinking about this for over ninety days. So, what’s my first thing I’d like to say? It’s as simple as that and if I cry down, I’m sorry since I’m doing it from the deepest of my hearts. Every person in the upper management I’ve worked for in the business has said to my face “No one ever will support someone who is named Mustafa Ali.’ No is truer than “F*ck them,” tell them. And to the people who are watching at the moment, I’m sitting in a house that is sold out in the evening at A.P.C., and every single person in this place is chanting ‘Mustafa’s Ali.’

I’m going to leave the ring with one last note. And that’s what I’m looking for in the business I’m seeking to see a change in the business. I want men who have reached an attainable stage to reach out and help people climb up. The young man man I just joined in the ring with Let me be honest with you. I’ve been in the rings alongside Rey Mysterio, I have been in the rings alongside AJ Styles, Randy Orton, You name it. In the ring alongside them, as well. You, my dear man, are the same as them.

It was a true honor. This was more for me than anyone else, I promise you. It was a true pleasure to be here. I arrived this morning and I’ve slept all night since, and I don’t give an inch about it because it gives me the life I’ve always wanted. Thank you all, good night, I love you.”

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