Lawsuit Filed by WWE Against Texas Attorney General

Lawsuit Filed by WWE Against Texas Attorney General

WWE has brought a suit against the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

The lawsuit was filed on the 16th of February to stop the publication of a deal that was signed between WWE as well as San Antonio. City of San Antonio. Brandon Thurston of WrestleNomics reports that the publication of the agreement will reveal the amount WWE was compensated for the privilege of bringing this year’s Royal Rumble to the city last year.

WWE says the agreement is confidential and includes proprietary information that qualifies for an exemption to the law on public information in Texas.

In April, the city’s officials received an exemption by the office of the State Attorney General. This permitted them to refrain from making bids on the transaction. This changed in the last month when the Attorney General re-wrote the decision in conjunction with the Assistant Attorney General Michelle Garza, stating, “WWE has failed to provide specific factual evidence demonstrating the information at issue is confidential under” the public information law of Texas. law.

The change is due to the review triggered by an additional request for records prior to the end of October WWE claims to have received a notice by San Antonio about another request.

The other organization asked to be included is Intelligence Options, LLC. WWE declared that the request was irrelevant since it was filed as part of an ongoing lawsuit that has been resolved.