Maven states that he’d be attentive to any offer from WWE regarding his potential return

Maven states that he'd be attentive to any offer from WWE regarding his potential return

This week, Chris Van Vliet hosted a special guest on his show, former WWE star Maven. Maven, renowned not only for his tenure in WWE but also as a Tough Enough victor and the creator of a highly successful YouTube channel, joined the conversation.

Addressing the possibility of returning to WWE in a capacity outside the ring, Maven shared his candid thoughts, stating, “I can honestly say, because people ask me, I haven’t gotten one call. If I get the call, I’m obviously going to listen to any opportunity that comes my way. I don’t care what the opportunity is. I’m going to listen to it, but no, I haven’t heard anything from them.” Reflecting on a previous encounter with WWE in 2020, disrupted by the pandemic, Maven expressed his desire for a renewed opportunity while acknowledging the passage of time, remarking, “I’m also 47. If it doesn’t happen, I’m not going to sit and twiddle my thumbs and hope.”

Drawing from his life experiences, Maven emphasized the importance of resilience and adaptability, remarking, “I learned a long time ago in life, there’s a couple of key things about life and that is you gotta keep moving no matter if it’s good or bad. Keep plugging, keep moving, put one foot in front of the other, and just keep charging.” He underscored his refusal to pin his aspirations solely on a WWE return, asserting, “If I sit and wait for a call from WWE that might not come, then I’m opening myself up to let myself down and I refuse to do that.”

Delving into his previous WWE stint, Maven attributed his departure to youthful naivet√©, admitting, “I was just young… I was more interested in all the things that wrestling gave me rather than all the things I could give wrestling.” Reflecting on his mindset at the time, he acknowledged a lack of focus on personal and professional growth, expressing a desire to impart wisdom to his younger self, urging, “If I could go back and slap young me, I would have been like, ‘Yeah, get better. Look at these guys that you emulate. You obviously have the talent to be here. Now. Just put a little bit more into it and actually see what you could pull out of yourself.'”

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