Montez Ford proposes renaming Dwayne Johnson from “The Rock” to “The Damn Boulder.”

Montez Ford proposes renaming Dwayne Johnson from "The Rock" to "The Damn Boulder."

Bianca Belair and Montez Ford were featured present on HOT 97 in order to announce their new reality series “Love and WWE” and also to discuss The Royal Rumble PLE happening tonight.

Montez Ford about The Rock being an inspiration for his:

“Rock has been a source of inspiration for me as a tiny tadpole at least as long as I remember. To see someone who I was a fan of and idolized in my youth and now as you stated move into other areas and finally take control of his name, including him on the in the director’s board and going beyond the ring is inspiring and uplifting. It’s a path of how we could go in the future. He’s always raising the bar. At the moment, he should not be referred to as The Rock at all. He ought to be called “the hell of a Boulder.”

Bianca Belair on sharing the cover of WWE 2K24 with Rhea Ripley:

“Yeah So we’re having a cover reveal for 2K the game for video. I find it incredible that I can be on the cover along with Rhea. Me as well as Rhea actually joined WWE in the same year during the development program and we essentially came up together in the game. It’s really cool that we began in NXT together, and now we’re in opposite places on the mountain top, but getting together. It’s awesome that we are the only two people who share this cover and making history as well. This is the first time two females have appeared featured on the front cover of a game. I’m the first female of color ever to be placed on the covers of any game. Therefore, I find it really amazing to be Rhea Ripley and myself. I always say that I believe we’re at the forefront of the new generation of women’s wrestling taking over the world. There are a lot of changes happening. Everything’s evolving. Our roster is stacked currently and the girls who are joining us are sure to make noise. The girls who have been around such as Becky as well as Charlotte as well as Natty and Bayley continue to make noise. That’s why I think it’s amazing because I believe that we’re representations of women who understand what our division is about. It’s true, Rhea is doing her things this year, so I’m thrilled about that.”

Love and WWE: Bianca and Montez premieres on Hulu on February 2nd. Take a look at the HOT 97 interview below.

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