Report: Nic Nemeth Discloses Numerous Requests for WWE Release

Report: Nic Nemeth Discloses Numerous Requests for WWE Release
Nic Nemeth spoke about his WWE time

Nic Nemeth (Dolph Ziggler) has been the talk of the town since his WWE departure due to his actions in the world of pro-wrestling.

WWE tenure

Nemeth appeared in NJPW this month during the Wrestle Kingdom event, where the wrestler has since participated in numerous matches. Nemeth is also a part of TNA Wrestling after making his debut on the promotional circuit during the Hard to Kill pay-per-view event.

Ziggler was let go by WWE alongside a number of other stars because of budget cuts after the sale of Endeavor in September of last year. Ziggler was associated with WWE since 2004, and for a long time Ziggler was mainly employed as an upper-mid-card talent. He held titles like the Intercontinental and United States titles several times.

Wanting out

In a conversation with Denise Salcedo, Nemeth noted that he requested the release of his WWE discharge several times, with the thought of returning but WWE kept refusing to release him because they wanted his services.

“It could be different if I walked around, or had no reactions or was not proficient at what I do. I’d love to be a passenger and help others out. However, I’m in the office seven days a week and not doing anything, which is at the top in my professional career. So let’s get going. Then I thought”How about this? What if I took a leave of six months? Do I want to leave for a whole year? What can I do to leave this place and get out of here?’ And even a couple of years ago, when they told me yes, the next day I’d get a message saying, ‘Hey, we’re in need of you.’ It’s great.”

Nemeth was able to recall sending WWE officials which included Vince McMahon, a heartfelt message that contained positives and negatives on what he thought. McMahon is the sole one who responded and wanted to discuss the matter. After two weeks, after the email exchange took place, Nemeth got his release.