Return of absent WWE Star for Tentative plan

Return of absent WWE Star for Tentative plan

The WWE team chose to keep one star on the sidelines while they recover, which was a notable absence that fans noticed after not watching them on TV.

On December 26th, the WWE team will be back on the road for another round of tours, as they are showcasing their talent for Christmas and airing Monday Night Raw, which is the final Live TV episode of the year.

Due to a stomach problem, Xavier Woods was not present with Kofi Kingston on Monday’s Raw as the latter is currently taking evaded flights and requires medical attention. Previously, his presence had been advertised for the post-Christmas live event tour.

Although Woods was in Birmingham, Alabama, where talent often gets surgery, he appears to be taking his chances with the news.

According to Pwinsider, WWE insiders had predicted that Woods would be hitting the road again in the first two weeks of January, but they were advised that this was a “tentative” approach.

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