Roman Reigns Decries Interference With His Match Against The Rock, Accuses Some of Meddling

Roman Reigns Decries Interference With His Match Against The Rock, Accuses Some of Meddling

The reigning WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, made an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show today, where he discussed various topics, including the upcoming WrestleMania clash between his cousins, Jimmy and Jey Uso.

When questioned about the emotional strain of witnessing family members face off in the ring, Reigns expressed his support for Jimmy, emphasizing their familial bond. He expressed disappointment in Jey’s decision to challenge his own flesh and blood, labeling it as disrespectful and indicative of a failure to appreciate their shared legacy. Reigns hinted at consequences for those who fail to uphold their roles within the family, asserting his authority within the “Bloodline.”

McAfee then shifted the conversation towards The Rock’s signature hand gesture during the Bloodline pose and questioned the allure of a potential matchup between Reigns and The Great One. Reigns highlighted the significance of pitting two legendary figures from different realms of entertainment against each other, emphasizing the appeal of such a clash.

However, Reigns couldn’t resist taking a swipe at Cody Rhodes, accusing him of being a “crybaby” and attributing his rise to a vocal minority of fans who Reigns believes are easily swayed. He lamented how Rhodes’ presence disrupted what he viewed as the perfect narrative ending – a victorious showdown against The Rock, cementing his legacy.

Continuing his criticism of Rhodes, Reigns dismissed him as a newcomer who doesn’t understand the intricacies of the business, accusing him of being a “politician” and suggesting that his success is based on manipulation rather than talent.

The candid interview provided insight into Reigns’ perspective on family dynamics, his aspirations for his career, and his disdain for what he perceives as unwarranted interference from outsiders like Cody Rhodes.