Stone Cold Steve Austin Keeps Door Open to Wrestling CM Punk: “Time Will Tell”

Stone Cold Steve Austin Keeps Door Open to Wrestling CM Punk: "Time Will Tell"

Steve Austin came out of retirement at WWE WrestleMania 38 to wrestle alongside Kevin Owens, his first since WrestleMania 19 against The Rock in 2003. The year before, WWE wanted him to wrestle at WrestleMania 39. However, due to the filming schedules of their A&E broadcast at the time, Austin decided to pass on the opportunity.

Another game?

In a conversation with ESPN to discuss the latest interview, Austin was asked about possibly returning to that squared circle. Austin stated that he had a look at the game to see how he could make improvements.

“I have said that I’d never invest an engagement ring again in the event that everything aligned for me,” Austin said. “And somehow it was the case that everyone did. At the age of 57, I hosted the very first evening of WrestleMania. I didn’t think I’d ever do such a thing. If you’d said that I would retire at the time I retired [in 2003I’d have said”You’re insane.’ So, I’m not gonna stand there and refuse to do anything, because you’ve said ever in this crazy world of entertainment for sports.”

The story was that that CM Punk was back in WWE in November of last year that there were people within WWE who are urging Punk to take on Austin the same way, something that was teased over a decade ago when advertising WWE 13. WWE 13 gaming video.

CM Punk

As reported earlier, WWE and Punk had discussions regarding the possibility, but many suggestions were suggested to Punk and WWE. The ideal scenario would be for Punk get together with Austin to discuss possible matches however, the two parties required to talk through several things before a match could be scheduled.

Austin stated that a possible match “would be a great one” before stating, “I like Punk, and I believe Punk likes me, that’s why, so it is possible for him to accept a [Stone Cold] Stunner. I consider him to be a wonderful friend, a wonderful person and a phenomenal wrestler with a successful career. We’ll see.”

Austin said he enjoys wrestlers more than any other sport else he’s done and how it’s addictive. “I am excited, and I’ll talk too quickly. However, it’s not likely to occur. But it is possible.”

Austin said he has an idea of a possible final opponent, but doesn’t want divulge it, and doesn’t want to put pressure on WWE to get it done.