Surprises Ahead for tonight’s WWE NXT

Surprises Ahead for tonight’s WWE NXT

The USA Network will feature a taped version of NXT tonight as the talent and crew are taking time off for Christmas. Why is that? A week has passed since the show was filmed in Orlando, FL. Lucien Price and Bronco Nima emerged victorious against Duke Hudson and Andre Chase in an All Or Nothing match, with the spoilers to follow. Stacks and Tony D’Angelo were looking down from the balcony overlooking the ring.

Noam Dar secured his spot in the Heritage Cup by defeating Josh Briggs. A spit bucket attack by Briggs resulted in his disqualification. It was used as a weapon by Lash Legend in the opening moments of the match.

Cora Jade emerged victorious over Karmen Petrovic with a potential DDT victory.

Bron Breakker emerged victorious against Nathan Frazer..

Joe Coffey was beaten by Joe Gacy.?…? Hank Walker and Tank Ledger were present during the event to prevent Mark Coffey and Wolfgang from intervening. They acted quickly.

Trey Bearhill’s distraction from the aisle proved crucial in stopping Lexis King, who ultimately defeated Riley Osborne in a semifinal match at the Men’S Breakout Tournament. Thea Hail and Jacy Jayne were among the students in the Chase U section during it..

In the Men’s Breakout Tournament, Tavion Heights was beaten by Oba Femi in the semifinals. The finals will see Femi crowned champion and Osborne.

During an NXT Underground match, Dijak was dealt a DDT at the announce table by Eddy Thorpe, leading to reversal with countout.

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