Triple H provided a big clue for WWE Raw Day 1

Triple H provided a big clue for WWE Raw Day 1

Triple H just took to Twitter and X to address the rumor that is circulating regarding the former WWE Champion possibly returning this Monday evening on Raw.

Hunter said he will never confirm nor deny the reports however fans are advised to stay informed. The news was first reported through Fightful Select, WWE has been working to bring back the former WWE Champion who isn’t yet on their roster. There’s no information on who this person could be.

One person that could be eliminated (most probable) could be Mercedes Mone. Fightful Select reported that talks between WWE and Mone are shattered and that the consensus among those within WWE is that she’ll show up in the near future. If anyone is appearing this Monday? There aren’t any indications that point to a particular individual.

It’s evident that WWE expects a huge rating since they no longer have to compete with Monday Night Football and the hype surrounding the mystery character returning to the show will draw more viewers.

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