WWE WrestleMania announces confirmation of two more matches

WWE WrestleMania announces confirmation of two more matches

More WWE WrestleMania matches are confirmed for the event, but they have not yet announced officially.

In the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view it was revealed that it was Randy Orton challenging Logan Paul to win the United States Championship after Paul knocked out Orton with his brass knuckles. Another match that is believed to be in the works for the event will be AJ Styles vs. LA Knight after Styles hit the latter by hitting him with a chair.

Dave Meltzer confirmed during the Wrestling Observer Daily Update that Orton and. Paul and Styles vs. Knight are listed on internal documents from WrestleMania XL. Also, Cody Rhodes threw out an offer for a one-on-1 match with The Rock. Based on the ads that have been shown this could end up being an asymmetrical match, with Cody joining forces together with Seth Rollins against Rock and Roman Reigns. We’ll know more on Friday, when The Rock appears on SmackDown.

In addition, during Raw, Jimmy Uso attacked his brother, and it seems that Jimmy is vying with. Jey Uso will also be taking place at WrestleMania however, it hasn’t been confirmed in any official way.

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