80s WWE Legend Billy Jack Haynes under Custody for Wife’s Murder

80s WWE Legend Billy Jack Haynes under Custody for Wife's Murder

William Albert Haynes III, 70, also known to wrestle enthusiasts by the name of Billy Jack Haynes, was arrested on Thursday following reports of a standoff between police following a shooting near 6000 S.E. 100th Avenue in Portland, Oregon.

A news channel KOIN Channel 6 first reported that Haynes did not cooperate with the police, and those who resided in the area were instructed to take shelter in the area while a special team fought to get Haynes out of the home in which it was later revealed that his wife, Janette Becraft, aged 85 was killed by an injury from a gunshot. Haynes wasn’t immediately identified by the police, but a video during his arrest on KOIN clearly demonstrates it was Haynes was the one who was arrested following the standoff. Haynes is likely to be charged with murder. Initial reports identified the suspect as an “former professional wrestler.”

Haynes was a name in the Portland region. Haynes was a popular name on a national level when he competed in his organization, the World Wrestling Federation. While he wasn’t renowned for his work in the ring however, he possessed a striking style that was believed by many to make him a wrestler in the organization. At the height of his career the wrestler fought Hercules during WrestleMania III, which was the largest ever event for the company in the time, but after that, he had left the organization by 1988. He continued to compete in the independent circuit for several years, but never achieving the same amount of attention like he did in the WWF. He also wrestled briefly in WCW in the beginning of the 90s as the mask-wearing Black Blood.

Haynes was a part of an action collective CTE lawsuit, which was filed in 2014, and then ended in 2019. In the past 15 or more years, he would film interviews in which he made outrageous claims about people working in the business. He was in the news a few years back when he claimed to have been witness to the famous “Bous on the tracks” killing which took place in Little Rock, Arkansas. Haynes is still in custody at the time of writing.

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