Bruce Prichard responds to Vince McMahon allegations: “I haven’t been accused of anything; it’s a legal issue”

Bruce Prichard responds to Vince McMahon allegations: "I haven't been accused of anything; it's a legal issue"

In the most recent episode of the “Something to Wrestle With” podcast, Bruce Prichard was asked to discuss what he could about his thoughts on the Vince McMahon allegations. Prichard stated that he isn’t able to discuss the situation because of the ongoing investigation.

Prichard declared, “First of all, in terms of lawsuits and matters of that kind are concerned, I’m not in a position to discuss legal issues with the company at all. In that regard, there’s nothing I’m able to do or say.”

He added, “There can’t be a answer from a legal perspective. You can inquire until you’re red in the face and that’s the answer. I’m not involved, I’m not charged, and I’m not being charged with any crime. It’s a legal issue and, as I told you earlier, sometimes it’s straightforward as for those who believe that an explanation is required. For those who don’t need an explanation, there’s no reason to. This is kind of the situation we’re in. Let the rest be a part of the great legal system we have at America. United States of America.”

Thompson pointed out that Prichard remains in the employ of WWE and that the WWE is also suing the company,, so “it’s quite logical that he’s not going to be able to offer an answer here.”

Prichard mostly worked for the WWF/WWE between 1987 and the time he was dismissed in 2008 by Stephanie McMahon in 2008. He was reinstated to the organization in 2018 to play his Brother Love character on the Raw 25th anniversary special. In the year 2019, he was hired on a permanent basis as a member in the team that created. He was then promoted to WWE’s Senior Vice-President and later to the Executive Director for SmackDown in the role of Eric Bischoff’s replacement.Vince McMahon is currently the subject of a federal investigation. He quit last month following a lawsuit was filed by Janel Grant who claimed he was guilty of assaulting a woman and trafficking in sex.