Ahmed Johnson, Ex-WWE star, Reacts to Booker T’s legal threat

Ahmed Johnson, Ex-WWE star, Reacts to Booker T's legal threat

Ahmed Johnson was on the Cheap Heat podcast. He was asked to provide his take on Booker T stating he would be suing Ahmad for if Ahmad made up false claims about him

“I don’t even remember the exact point at which it began with me or Booker. He made the statement he did and we’ll tackle it. First off Booker I know that when you were in prison doing your work and I was in the military with my brother taking on the fight for our country. I’m not sure how one could call someone as a scum, when the term clearly is someone who’s been in prison. I don’t believe you graduated from high school. In addition, I went to the military, but I also was also a Most Distinguished Honor Graduate from my class which is at the top of the class. And then there was the Cowboys issue, I was given an email that I’ve not going to show you from the Cowboys during my time at Scout camp. What else would you have said? I’m having trouble remembering the whole conversation was about but these are the most significant two And, as a as I’ve said that if it weren’t for Stevie I could have eaten your whole on the show However, due to respect for Stevie I’m not going to do that. I would like to. I’m not sure what’s the issue. You talk about what the possibility that if you look at me, you’ll attack me or what you’ve said. Do you want to challenge me, or something else? Oh my God. It would brighten my day. You can brighten my day by doing this.”

Ahmed was asked why when he made an offer against Booker T to a fight which Booker T ignored?

“I don’t know. The man threatened me with a lawsuit using several lawyers and everything. I don’t like the lawyers. But he threatening to sue me. I suppose you need to be careful what you say this site now that he’s threatened with to sue me. We aren’t going to risk it. We don’t want to be sued, nor you to be accused of being sued.”

If he believes Booker T is scared of him:

“Knowing the things I know about his character, I don’t think that he’s afraid. I believe he’s more interested in lawsuits, and is now looking to bring lawsuits against people and if I went at him and punched his face or kicked him, obviously it would result in an action in court, since I believe that he’s on strike three. And strike three means you’re locked in. You are locked up for many years so I don’t believe you can do anything other than sue me, but I’m not sure what he’s suing me over. What are you planning to pursue me after you’ve started this fight?”

If there’s anything that he could discuss with Booker which doesn’t result in the company to be sued, or in the event that it cannot be touched without being disclosed fully:

“You cannot discuss this issue without having it fully disclosed. It’s impossible to even hint at it since if the truth is revealed out, you’re in for an absolute mess. What’s the reason you’d like to sue me for the truth? I’m not sure because what I’ve said is truthful.”

The reason Ahmed believes Booker has brought up this issue:

“I’m still not sure why today he started on me like that man, but he started it and if he wants to finish, I would like him to keep his mouth shut otherwise I’m going to throw the lawsuit out the window and say what I got to say as far as his little secret goes.”

“He would like to remain in the media. He wants everyone talking of Booker T like he always has. He has never helped one of our buddies who sort of popped up with the wrestling team to join WCW where I enticed some of them to try out for the WWF. I reached back and took the next man up but not like the”crab in the barrel” story in which you attempt to drag someone down. The guys I picked up were a few of them I considered worthy. after that it was the decision of WWF. I’m not going to Vince and force them to hire you. They must see you and be interested in hiring you.”

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