Arn Anderson Reflects first time on Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton’s adoption of Ronnie Garvin’s stomp, origins of his own use of the spinebuster

Arn Anderson Reflects first time on Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton's adoption of Ronnie Garvin's stomp, origins of his own use of the spinebuster
AEW/Arn Anderson answers some fan questions.

In the newest ARN podcast, which is available on The WWE Hall of Famers Arn Anderson sat down to answer some fans’ questions.

Arn’s thoughts about Rey Mysterio the first time He saw him wrestle:

“I believe the first time I watched Rey Mysterio; I want to say that it took place in ECW TV. He was wrestling Psicosis I would like to mention that I did not watch it. The show was playing on television, and I thought, ‘This looks like an 11-year-old boy. Why would they allow him into the ring?’ since he appeared to be twelve years old. For I can’t imagine I was unable to believe that he competed in our company on a hardcore TV show. I thought, ‘Somebody’s going to murder that guy. The kid is going to be killed by someone. This is a small child. I’d think that he made me look like fool. He created the mistake. Rey was the one who created everything. He discovered a way to utilize the entirety of his body in order to knock someone down. It made sense.”

How Arn Anderson began playing with his spinebuster during matches:

“It was actually happening within the rings. I slapped a man off and he was caught in the middle of a bear hug, and I then was able to get him up so that his body was over my shoulders. It was like a revelation. It felt something like an epiphany. I did not come up with this during practice or in training. I was thinking”What If I just flipped this, and then landed on the top of him. I replied”Just go for it and then I hit it in the air. It was like an epiphany occurred to me as I thought regarding how to go about it. The moment it came to rest, and I realized the fact that my friend wasn’t dead, and I was not dead, it turned into an idea that was a night.”

When recommending Randy Orton to use the Ronnie Garvin stomp:

“I am the person who demonstrated to Randy the information based on my experiences with Ron. It was Ron’s idea, and I was just showing Randy. I said, ‘In this world, this can work for you’ and then showed Randy the things Ronnie did. ‘He’s retired. He’s gone from the industry. All you have to do is ask. He redesigned it slightly, but it was mostly the Ronnie Garvin stomp. Now it’s you can now hear the Orton tomper.”

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