AEW star disclosed his injury is since 2022

AEW star disclosed his injury is since 2022

AEW Star Keith Lee revealed on X/Twitter that he’s injured and has been battling the issue since September 2022.

Lee stated that the injured was “mostly well taken care of” however, the situation has gotten more serious since ROH Final Battle. Lee has been scheduled to take on Swerve Strickland this evening at the Worlds End pay-per-view. It will be the first time they have wrestled in a singles event since the split in the in December of last year. This could be the reason why their fight was delayed for so long.

Best best wishes Best wishes to Keith Lee and hopefully, that he recovers fully from whatever issues he’s been struggling with. This is the complete article on X:

“Today… I keep it very real with you guys. I have been working through an injury since Arthur Ashe Stadium 2022. It has been mostly well taken care of. Things have been worse since Final Battle. I am trying to get through today for you guys, but I cannot promise anything.”

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