Becky Lynch Expresses Sadness Over Kevin Patrick’s Departure from WWE: ‘It Truly Touched Us All’

Becky Lynch Expresses Sadness Over Kevin Patrick's Departure from WWE: 'It Truly Touched Us All'

WWE Superstar Becky Lynch recently appeared on the “Cheap Heat” podcast to discuss her newly released book, titled “Becky Lynch: The Man: Not Your Average Girl,” now available on Amazon and various other book-selling platforms.

During the interview, Lynch revealed that she and Seth Rollins began dating shortly before the onset of the pandemic. Recalling the timing, Lynch noted, “Around the Rumble in January 2019. When we both won the Rumble. We both won the Rumble, we should be together. That’s how it works.”

The conversation also touched upon Lynch’s fondness for Kevin Egan, known professionally as Kevin Patrick. Peter Rosenberg, the podcast host, mentioned having coffee with Egan the previous Saturday, prompting Lynch to express her admiration: “Oh, I love that man.” Rosenberg echoed her sentiments, describing Egan as “one of the sweetest men I’ve ever met.”

Reflecting on Egan’s departure from WWE, Lynch acknowledged the impact it had on her and her colleagues. She lamented, “It was heartbreaking, we all loved him. We loved him, I love him. He’s great.” Lynch highlighted Egan’s dedication and work ethic, emphasizing his constant efforts to enhance storytelling and his genuine care for the wrestlers’ input.

Rosenberg observed a strong connection among Irish talent within the company, to which Lynch concurred, describing Egan as being like a brother to her. She also commended JD McDonagh and emphasized her close friendship with Sheamus.

The full interview is available on all podcast platforms for those interested in hearing more about Lynch’s insights and experiences.

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