Bianca Belair Expresses Confidence in Facing Jade Cargill at WrestleMania, Be it This Year or the Next

Bianca Belair Expresses Confidence in Facing Jade Cargill at WrestleMania, Be it This Year or the Next

WWE luminary Bianca Belair recently made an appearance on The Gorilla Position podcast, sharing insights on various topics, including her views on fellow wrestler Jade Cargill.

Reflecting on the electric atmosphere during the Royal Rumble, Belair remarked on the palpable anticipation surrounding potential matchups with Cargill. Despite not engaging in any physical confrontation, their mere presence stirred a frenzy among fans, evident from the overwhelming response on WWE’s Instagram post. Belair expressed excitement about the prospect of collaborating with Cargill in singles or tag-team competitions, hinting at the possibility of creating magical moments in the ring, whether it’s at this year’s WrestleMania or beyond.

Discussing the evolution of women’s wrestling in the TKO era, Belair conveyed her enthusiasm for the burgeoning opportunities within the industry. She noted the influx of talent from NXT onto the main roster, likening the camaraderie in locker rooms to the spirited atmosphere of NXT. Belair highlighted the increasing visibility of female wrestlers across mainstream platforms, citing her Hulu show with her husband as an example. She emphasized the evolving landscape of wrestling and expressed eagerness about its future prospects.

On the monumental achievement of gracing the cover of WWE 2K24 alongside Rhea Ripley, Belair expressed her elation and humility. She acknowledged the significance of their representation as women and people of color on the cover, underscoring the groundbreaking nature of an all-female cover.

Reflecting on her journey over the past year, Rhea Ripley shared sentiments of gratitude and growth within the WWE. She attributed this period as pivotal in enhancing her confidence, skills, and overall persona, particularly in embracing microphone work—a facet she had previously found daunting. Ripley expressed appreciation for the opportunities that allowed her to flourish, including headlining the Elimination Chamber in Australia, a poignant moment that resonated deeply with her.

Recalling her experience at the event, Ripley expressed profound emotions upon returning to her homeland as a WWE Superstar and defending her title against formidable opponent Nia Jax. She described the overwhelming reception from the Australian audience, underscored by national pride and excitement for homegrown talent. Despite the urge to let emotions flow, Ripley maintained her composure, savoring the post-match moments to fully absorb the magnitude of the occasion, a highlight she cherishes as her own WrestleMania moment.

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