Bobby Roode Discusses His Wrestling Future: “I Sense I’ve Achieved Much, Content with Where I Am

Bobby Roode Discusses His Wrestling Future: "I Sense I've Achieved Much, Content with Where I Am

Chris Van Vliet did an interview with Bobby Roode on Insight With Chris Van Vliet. We received the following excerpts from their interview: provided to us:

After being granted the right to be able to compete:

“Ironically enough I’ve been given a green light. The fusion has fully been fused. In other words considering this from the medical point standpoint, it’s safe to return to the ring, I suppose. However, at 48 years old, I’m old, I’m grateful for the chance I’m now given to be producer, which was my dream when I joined WWE nearly 8 years ago. I’m very happy with this. And I’m sure I’ve had a great run, according to the saying and I’m content to be doing what I’m doing currently.”

A full-time running being out of the question.

“Could I work full-time at this? It’s impossible for me to do that. Let’s face it, if I’m truthful, I’m injured. Three levels are not good. Levels 6 and 7 aren’t good either. Therefore, when I sustained my injury again in 2022 after I had re-injured it, I had an MRI performed the following day. It had advised me that my three levels aren’t bad. Two levels are not very good. There is a need to be fixed. That’s why I visited Birmingham and met the doctor Dr. Cordover who was amazing. He also suggested us to have an interdisciplinary. The reason for this is that I wasn’t in discomfort. I wasn’t in any pain. I could get through the day without experiencing any kind of pain. my issue was the strength. As I lost strength, I began losing muscle mass within my left arm. This scared me since my first thought was that it was similar to Paul Orndorff’s injury, which is exactly what I was experiencing. I was beginning to atrophy severely in my shoulder as well as in my bicep.

In a nutshell I was slated to undergo a fusion of two levels on November 30, 2022. Doctor. Cordover called me the evening prior and I was in my accommodation room of a hotel in Birmingham waiting to wake up at 5 a.m. the following day to wake up and get ready for the procedure. And he said I spoke to you know, a few of doctors. I think that we could manage to do one level. I believe you’ll be perfectly fine. So we went to the clinic and we completed one level, and I felt fantastic. The next day, I was not so great however, as I had experienced after six weeks of not doing anything after I had started the physical therapy and all the other stuff, I felt pretty well. It was as if my strength was returning. And I could tell that the muscle was regaining. Then, in a flash I was able to recall March 10th. I was in intense pain like I’ve have never felt before. I’m not sure what transpired. We don’t really know the details of what transpired. However, I do remember being sick, vomiting and getting blacked out, and then kind of getting up but not being able to the idea of lifting my arm above my head.

Then what happened was the higher level was just gone. The levels four and five simply sort of disappeared for no apparent reason. Perhaps, in the future, we could have got them completed in the same day. But, hey, it’s just life and we can continue ahead. However, I needed to get another fusion completed. The levels six and seven as I mentioned, is in the process of being improved, however I’m feeling much better. In the end, feel that I’d be able to risk the possibility of returning to the arena and working full-time. It’s a fact. It’s like I’m looking different do you know what I’m saying? I have always prided myself on the way I viewed myself on television. I also love going to the gym and exercising. It’s not that you physically aren’t looking like you do, it’s a something that happens to your mind as well.”

Another match to play:

“I believe that everyone would like to play one final game isn’t it? Sometimes, whenever the wheels are falling off, they fall off. It’s simply the nature of this sport.”

When transitioning from the role of WWE producer:

“I think, as I said that it was similar to the game strategy. When I first joined WWE I had a chat about Triple H. Triple H before coming to NXT. At the time I was nearly 40. So, I can remember him. I took part in a conference call with Matt Bloom as well as Matt Bloom and I remember him asking me what would you like to do? Are you interested in becoming coach? It’s like, well perhaps someday. It’s my dream however, I’m feeling like I still have plenty to go. It’s true that he offered me the chance and I’m extremely grateful for, and now I’m here. I had a pretty decent time in NXT and after that, I was pretty successful in the regular roster. This is exactly just what I was hoping for. In the same way, when the wheels break then the wheels are smashed off.”

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