Hulk Hogan Claims Paramount Executive Offered Him ‘Next John Wayne’ Role, Which He Turned Down

Hulk Hogan Claims Paramount Executive Offered Him 'Next John Wayne' Role, Which He Turned Down

Hulk Hogan recently appeared on TBN’s “Praise” to discuss his decision to believe in God. In the interview, Hogan also spoke about his career in wrestling and his transition into Hollywood in acting and Hollywood.

“Well it was a natural extension of where I wanted to pursue the direction of my life,” Hogan said. “Because after the wrestling started to gain momentum and the name Hulk Hogan became as big as the wrestling industry in the era there were people looking to me up to work on other projects. Commercials Superbowl commercials Right Guard commercials, all sorts of things. The movies were a natural extension. The result was that Vince McMahon and I sat down and spent three days on Madeira Beach writing No Holds Barred. We then brought in writers to clean the mess up, and he received all the credit. We didn’t have any knowledge about writing, any of the Screen Actors Guild or the Writers Guild. We had no idea. We hired a writer take it down. We didn’t even know that the person who would own it and that was not a problem. However, once I had made the film and it was a success, New Line Cinema wanted me to create additional films. And the issue I had to face was that I enjoyed wrestling so often. and I was at the middle of my career. It was not like I was struggling and I was taking on additional work or trying to leave the business of wrestling and becoming an actor. The world was my oyster. I was the World Heavyweight Champion. Hulkamania was going in the wild. I was performing in the presence of 20-30,000 people each night. Now you want me take a seat in a Winnebago in the middle of the Sony soundstage for 14 hours, and you may call me at five at night to go to the cameras for 5 minutes. This process was a death sentence for me. It’s true that there’s an art to it. The best actors know the exact timing and the right time to increase their intensity. Everything from lighting, to the camera’s location to the cadence to everything, they are able to comprehend the process once they’re on camera.

For my part, it was geared to fall off the cliff and wait for up to 12 hours to make use of me. Or they might use me at the beginning of the day taking my makeup trailer at 5:30 in the morning. [andaround eight and I could be doing my first shot, and then wait on, we don’t know what we’ll be requiring of you the rest of the day. When lunch is over it was time to be hanging out. Therefore, I would stay there for twelve hours. They would only need me for a few minutes each morning. The process was difficult. That’s why I’ve always wanted to return to the sport of wrestling. I did. However, I continued to bounce between making films for children with a budget and having a blast doing it I would shoot them over between 25 and 30 days, before going back to the business of wrestling. And I had the opportunity to become John Wayne. John Wayne. There’s a person known as Bob Evans, that ran Paramount. He took me to his office, and there was a large image on the wall that included Clint Eastwood and John Wayne as well as all the major stars Dustin Hoffman and everybody that was a part in the players on contract at Paramount that time. He said”You’ll become My future John Wayne.’ He then laid out his schedule and the expectations I had to meet both on and off camera. I thought, ‘I’m not the right person for that thing.’ Then I chose to get back into wrestling.”