Booker T advises Ahmed Johnson to reassess and rectify records

Booker T advises Ahmed Johnson to reassess and rectify records

The latest episode of “Hall of Fame” featuring Booker T and Brad Gilmore is available on all podcast platforms as well as on YouTube. Booker offered his opinion on the biggest wrestling news stories this week, such as Samoa Joe winning the AEW World Title, and his return to the Monday Night Raw. He also reacted to Ahmed Johnson’s recent comments.

Booker T’s views regarding Samoa Joe winning the AEW Championship:

“I believe it was about three months ago that we were discussing what’s to come in AEW with Samoa Joe in AEW and I mentioned that I think Samoa Joe is going to become one of the World Heavyweight Champion in AEW as Tony Khan is just that kind of person. Tony Khan will make sure that this happens to Samoa Joe. I’m sure you’re right, Joe did the work. No doubt. Joe was the soldier to say”Okay, let me man this ship in ROH However, the moment Samoa Joe came over and used his claws to say”Hi, I’m here and I’m here, boom! They conferred the title on him. I felt the same way, and the reason is because I felt that it was a reward the honor of Samoa Joe to show his apologies, since Joe is that man who is a man. He’s a true soldier He’s that guy. He’s been grinding grinding a long time. long. He’s worthy of it. He truly is.”

Booker said”You could call him Samoa Joe and anybody just around the world who knows about the business of wrestling will know who that is in the moment. He’s very good. He’s been around for that for a long time. He’s not only excellent in the ring. it’s been a great in the outside world in interviews and promotional events. He’s been very good in the commentary aspect. Samoa Joe is literally, just, all over. He is able to accomplish anything. This makes him the perfect man, and when Joe is working, you believe that. You can be sure that’s the case. to me, he’s the ideal candidate to do the job. I’m happy to be able to Samoa Joe finally receive the flowers he deserves.”

The Rock returning:

“It’s been buzzing around for a while. Everyone has been talking about it. I believe that’s the way to go. I believe that’s what it is, more than anything else. To me, you shouldn’t allow that to simmer for over too long, you know since, The Rock, you know, does not wait for anyone. It’s the way it is. If you want the Rock to finish the job, it’s obvious that it’s a perfect moment to do it, and for Roman too. Roman is in the prime of his career in the midst of his reign as a title holder. The stakes aren’t going to get better than this. If it’s time to take the trigger, man do it! Pull that trigger.”

Booker T on Ahmed Johnson asking him to fight and debate:

“What could he be debating me on? I’ve accomplished much more success with my career work and in my life than Ahmed and more than Tony Norris will ever achieve in his entire life. You’ve read my book “From prison to promise.’ You’ve read my book and it reveals my entire story. To get to in the place I did and to be able to stand on my own feet is amazing. It’s incredible, and it was all due to dedication and effort and believing in myself that people such as Tony Norris, we have no reason to argue about Also I believe I read somewhere that he challenged me to a battle. I’m going to talk about the fact that I’m not running, and I’m not hiding or anything similar to this. I believe he dragged me to his dojo to battle me. We’ll take a look at in only a couple of seconds. You get it cleaned up. But the man said he had asked me into his Dojo. I’m able to say this. I’m not going after Tony Norris if he was to swoop down at me, hit me, or take a similar action. I’m not suing. In the event that Ahmed Johnson sees me and I look at him and he’s watching me and on, it’s in. Alright. I’m just going to say it however, I’m not planning to take a trip and engage in fight (he laughs) since that’s not something I would do at this point in my life. It’s not right and, of course I’m not jogging and I’m not hiding or something like that, but there’s no question. Tony Norris is nothing more than a smoky, notorious lying piece of you who knows who. This is all I’m going speak about it. This is all I’m going say. But what do you know? I have a few more things to tell you. Clean this up. You have to get this cleaned down since Ahmed Johnson said he wants to know where this started. He claimed that I initiated this with Ahmed Johnson. Ahmed Johnson actually went on record and claimed that he had tried to destroy my professional career at WCW during a match. This is what he recorded and he isn’t sure the source of this. Therefore, Ahmed Johnson needs to check himself and make sure that his records are correct. Perhaps he’s not able to remember this information. Perhaps he’s getting older. I’m telling my wife to look me up whenever I’m not able to remember things. Make sure you’re checked, man.”

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