Reflecting on a recent health scare, Dutch Mantell recounts being faced with a 50/50 prognosis for survival

Reflecting on a recent health scare, Dutch Mantell recounts being faced with a 50/50 prognosis for survival

In the most recent episode of the “Storytime” Podcast, Dutch Mantell explained his recent health issues:

“It’s difficult to explain the events that took place. I was in my home. My birthday was on 29th, and I was unable to remain awake. I would keep numbing off, going out. The daughter of mine, Amanda was with me, thanks to her is the main reason for me to be here. Amanda asked, ‘Are you doing okay Do you feel okay?’ She claimed that I was constantly answering her in gibberish that didn’t make sense. She was staring at me with amusement and it went on for an hour or so. She finally said that something wrong, and she called 911. They came and took me away. I can’t remember what happened. There’s a few snippets of the whole affair that I’m not aware of. Nothing. My daughter would say that we were in the hospital and she’d ask me, ‘Does anyone remember this?’ and I’d ask, “What did you remember?’ She said, ‘I do.’ you left the hospital and started doing this or that’, and I replied”I didn’t take part in this. Yes, you did. I responded, ‘No I wouldn’t have done that’ however there were some things I can’t recall doing. I’m not sure what they were. I was sick. It’s like the condition, but it’s sepsis.”

Dutch was asked about how he came up with this statement “I I don’t really know. We don’t know. I’m not sure. It’s an infection that is passed in the bloodstream, I think and can then spread across your organs. It’s lethal. It could cause death. It was later that I learned that I did not just had sepsis, I also had E. Coli too on top of that. This means that I’m now fighting E. Coli. I’m sure I contracted E. Coli first and it triggered the sepsis. It is highly recommended to avoid receiving any of these infections, germs or whatever they are because it could knock you until your knees. If I had not gone to the hospital for treatment, I probably wouldn’t be able to make it. However that when I was in the hospital I do remember some of the details but nothing that was significant for me since I was having fun and was joking. I don’t remember being hurt or hurting myself, but I did experience an illness and I can remember the people around me, and I was both in and conscious. (The the fever) was 103, I think, maybe. I didn’t get to hear much or may have given me all the information I can’t recall.”

“After I got up and running somewhat and was back in my room around the 10th day of my stay the book, I began to read up about it since I had my smartphone and Google. Then I began researching it. It was terrifying by reading about it since If you don’t get it addressed immediately, and not even two days later, not three days later, if you are not treated within 24 hours of the issue, then you’ll die within 72 hours. It’s that rapid and, of course, in my research, I started researching issues like if one organ is shut down and the next organ is going to be a bit sluggish because they’ve got this whole messages. I’m gone guys, I’m checking out, I’m shaking. Soon, there will be no organs to help you live, and you’re dead.”

“The method it started It came on abruptly. It happened quickly and I’m imagining that life has its own method of throwing curveballs at you to see if you are able to make it through and I escaped the bullet with this one. I was admitted on the 28th day of November. My birthday fell on the 29th of November. I was laid on my back, flat, in a hospital. It was not a good experience. I was in one location for a time and it was akin to being in a prison. I was looking for ways to get out of my hyper-arousal or in my ramblings inside my mind, however I’m restricted. It’s impossible to leave. Then, after seven or eight days I was moved to a room that wasn’t intensive care, but I did have a room all to myself and nobody shook my hand. The nurses and doctors were there and nothing else. My daughter Amanda was able to get into the room however that’s all there was. Strange incident. I’ve had this happen for me previously. I’m not going to let it occur again. I do not want it to happen to anyone other than me, but I did manage to get through it, and it’s what counts.”

“I was prescribed medication at least every 3 hours. This is the only thing I don’t recall. I received an injection of blood. I can’t recall that therefore it was likely to be serious. They did give me a chance, I believe I recall they mentioned a 50/50 chance. I believe. I’m not sure the fact that it is true. It’s possible to have imagined the possibility of.”

“When I left, they handed me a huge piece of medicine and it states on it”Monday, take this, in a small box can be opened up to ensure that I don’t confuse it and I like it and get every month a lot worse at the same time. This is why I can’t really be confused by it that often because, I don’t know what you think however, I’m a terrible organizer. I’m not organized that’s why unless they hand me something like that I’m not going to accept it. A part of this condition could be self-inflicted because of me not taking proper care of myself. But it’s here now, and I’m aware of a few mistakes I’ve made and I’m hoping I don’t repeat them. Now, I feel great.”

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