Booker T revealed: “CM Punk and I nearly had a confrontation at NXT this week

Booker T revealed: "CM Punk and I nearly had a confrontation at NXT this week

Booker T’s latest episode of the “Hall of Fame” show is now available on YouTube and all streaming platforms. During the show, Booker touched on some noteworthy news from the week and shared an intriguing incident involving CM Punk backstage at NXT.

Reflecting on Thunderbolt Patterson’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, Booker expressed admiration, highlighting Patterson’s significant contributions to the industry. He recounted Patterson’s struggles, including instances where racial prejudice hindered his accommodations while on the road, yet he persevered, paving the way for wrestlers like Booker himself.

Regarding an offer to discuss Buff Bagwell’s WWE run on Dark Side of the Ring, Booker declined, emphasizing that his experiences with Bagwell remain private. He emphasized his reluctance to divulge details publicly, respecting the personal nature of their relationship.

Booker also shed light on the circumstances surrounding his match with Bagwell in WWE, where both were instructed to focus solely on their performance without engaging with the audience. He critiqued the lack of support provided to WCW wrestlers transitioning to WWE and acknowledged the challenges they faced during that period.

Asked about seeing CM Punk at the NXT tapings, Booker chuckled and hinted at a potential altercation, suggesting he would discuss it privately with his colleague off the air.

Looking ahead to NXT Stand and Deliver, Booker teased potential surprises for fans to anticipate, hinting at significant developments without revealing specifics.

When questioned about the incident involving CM Punk at NXT, Booker hinted at a potential confrontation, indicating that it could attract attention online, but opted not to disclose further details publicly.

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