Brock Lesnar Remains in WWE 2K24 According to Reports, But Not Playable

Brock Lesnar Remains in WWE 2K24 According to Reports, But Not Playable

While Brock Lesnar is technically in WWE 2K24, that doesn’t mean that fans can play as him. Fans were able to see Lesnar as well as Vince McMahon weren’t listed in the full roster release of the game.

Lesnar was removed before out of his participation in the WWE 2K Supercard smartphone game as well as The WWE 2K24 40 Years of WrestleMania edition cover along with WWE eliminating Lesnar from its schedule, which includes match at Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania 40.

The reason behind the company breaking away from Lesnar is due to a sexual trafficking lawsuit brought in the case of McMahon and WWE and an ex-UFC/WWF Heavyweight Champion included in the lawsuit. On the day the suit was announced the Wall Street Journal identified Lesnar as the former champion.

Mike Straw of Insider-Gaming reports it was not enough time to eliminate Lesnar out of the game thus it was made unplayable as a character within the game. Lesnar’s role remains in game’s file.

It’s possible that Lesnar could include minor additions to various game styles. According to the report, “The closest to an answer has been a spokesperson giving the information that the company claims to be “the complete roster” but with Lesnar not listed.”

Fightful Select reports that WWE has requested that they not include Lesnar as a character playable for the match.

The standard version of the game is released on March 8 on PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 The players who order either the Deluxe and Forty Years of WrestleMania edition will be able to play from March 5.

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