John Cena’s WWE Goals: “I’m Aspiring to Wrestle Until I’m 50 Years Old

John Cena's WWE Goals: "I'm Aspiring to Wrestle Until I'm 50 Years Old

John Cena was recently on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show. The following message was sent to us:

John Cena joined Howard in SiriusXM’s Miami studios to discuss the entire range of his journey from his rough road to W.W.E. celebrity to his huge screen versatility as comedian, playing a lead in “Ricky Stanicky”” and as a skull-smashing action hero in shows such as “Fast The X” or “The The Peacemaker.” In regards to his rivalry with the other famous actor turned wrestler, Dwayne “The The Rock” Johnson, however, Cena was more interested in making fences.

“It was a real squabble with you, as well as The Rock?” Howard asked him.

“Oh my God Oh my god,” John responded. “To me it was like”I’m going to smack the guy since I’ve got nothing to lose. I’ve got everything to gain … The perspective stemmed from the truth that he was declaring, ‘I love the W.W.E.’ And I was thinking, ‘Man when you’re a fan and you’re so passionate about it, why don’t you come here?’ That’s a silly decision of mine to admit,” he continued, noting, “I’m so sorry because there was a lot to lose.”

“I could sit next to you right now and tell you that I am a fan of this W.W.E., but ‘Smackdown will be within two days, and I’m not going take part,” he told Howard and added, “And now I have to eat a lot of trash and tell you”Fuck, I did it wrong and apologize.'”

Cena as well as The Rock grew further and closer before Wrestlemania in 2012 However, ultimately, it was the hard work they put into in preparing for their fight that helped save their relationship. “He is professional and thorough … as well that’s why we integrated all of his ideas into the fight. The match was even close to the end where I became too confident and lost,” Cena recounted, noting that after a clean loss in the ring to The Rock in the ring Cena apologized at The Rock and his family.

The two are now friends. “I message him every day. He’ll text me messages in voice and will text me,” John said. “He is indeed in a world that is his very personal … And as I try to walk in his footprints, I can see the extent of how difficult this is, and I’m barely one hundredth of his height.”

John Cena on retiring from the W.W.E

“I think I’ll get to 50 however, I’m not sure I’ll make it beyond the age of 50.” John said. “I believe that when I reach 50 — if I do not plan another event — I’ll just must tweet “I’m done. Hashtag: see ya.'”

“Everyone is eager to finish their story but it’s not in my reach,” he continued.

“That’s strange, isn’t it?” Howard asked.

“That’s okay. This is how it works,” Cena replied. “Man I’ve spent twenty years with them.”

The co-host Robin Quivers was surprised by his reply. “You can do this for another ten years. I don’t believe that this is the end of the road,” she told Cena. “You look great.”

John laughed. “It’s the way you feel afterward,” he said.

John Cena on playing a character in the film ‘Barbie’ as a mermaid.

I was reading the screenplay … It was a great script. tried my best to play the part … as [‘Barbie”s'” star] Margot [Robbie] told me”We’ll transform you into the Mermaid. You’ll play for the duration of a whole day and that’s it,'” Cena recalled before declaring that his agency had advised him against the part. “I thought, ‘Yes it’s possible,’ but the view from the agency’s perspective was that this isn’t a good idea.'”

“Their guidelines were … the trickle down economics that could take you off of those lead laps and I understand all that however I’ve always operated in the belief that hard work will give you a second possibility,” he concluded.

John Cena on going naked in “Trainwreck,”

“Do you have to go out in the open naked?” Howard wondered.

“[There’sthe spandex sock which tapes … on your perineum” said Howard prior to explaining director Judd Apatow were respectful about his privacy, and cleared the space to allow him to feel comfortable filming naked.

In the end, Cena didn’t mind the viewers. “I do not care about it,” Cena laughed of being naked. “I believe that the more relaxed you are and the less you’ll become lost in the scene.”

Cena was not to become a film star prior to appearing as a character in “Trainwreck,” but he acknowledged that the physical strain and wear of wrestling and the pressure to perform the same role for so long led him to seek out an alternative source of his energy. “I am still a fan of wrestling and that’s the reason I keep coming back every now and then, someone gives you an opportunity (such as in “Trainwreck,” for instance] and asks”Hey, do like playing this strange naked, awkward man?’ “I say, ‘Fuck it this sounds awesome Let’s try it.'”

John Cena on meeting his wife:

In the year 2019, Cena went into a Vancouver restaurant to take in his favorite New England Patriots battle the Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl and he left having found the love in his life. “I didn’t look, but, oh it found me,” John said of meeting his current wife, Shay Shariatzadeh.

“I did not even realize that the gamewas over],” he told Howard before revealing that he was nervous to talk to Shay initially. “I am getting up to go when one of her companions is there and says”Can I get a photo?’ then I finally got the nerve to say”Only if I obtain the girl’s contact number.'”

“I went to the bathroom, and when I got home, I thought”Man I was incredibly happy to meet you. You’re gorgeous – I’d love to to know you better. If you’ve got some free time in the near future I’ll schedule time with your.'”

Cena used a similar strategy one year later, when he was ready to propose. The couple was in Panama filming “The Suicide Squad,”” the actor was set to get together with Shay at San Diego on Valentine’s Day in order to propose at an eatery with a view of the ocean. “I was thinking about this entire plan,” he recalled. “We’ve had the ocean as well as the sun setting, so Iwould like to ensure that there are flowers in the area and it’s perfect.”

In the end having the ring burning inside his wallet, John wound up proposing in his home one day early. “We’re mostly sitting in the living room at the early hours of the day and we had the most honest and vulnerable conversation.” John remembered before noting that he asked for the conversation over a cup of tea outside. “I have blown all my special plans, and I thought, ‘Hey, there’s no better time to be here’ … it was all that happened. No pomp and circumstances, just a simple ‘Hey I’d like to live the remainder of my days in your company.'”

“Ricky Stanicky” debuts on the 7th of March at 7 p.m. on Amazon Prime Video.

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