Bruce Prichard discusses whether Akeem was a playful joke aimed at Dusty Rhodes reacted at his character

Bruce Prichard discusses whether Akeem was a playful joke aimed at Dusty Rhodes reacted at his character

Bruce Prichard was asked if Akeem was a different instance from Vince McMahon ribbing Dusty Rhodes:

“Everything which people say we’re trying to hurt Dusty is a lie. Each time we act in a way we thought, okay, people will think that we’re doing it to get rid of Dusty I’d like to make a call to Dusty. The guy who had to call Dusty. I would phone him and say”Hey, this’s the plan we’re considering. Do you have a reluctance to this? If you do, we’ll not be doing it to let you are aware of it upfront. I’m not asking permission. I’m not asking any other questions than Dream that this is what we’d like to accomplish. Are there any concerns regarding this? I would prefer that you don’t mention my family’ or ‘I’d rather’ …’, to not mention my family’, and I’m saying, ‘No problem. There’s no issue at all. There could be times that on the execution of various situations that Dream was involved, as I’ve seen, never came from Dusty However, I’ve heard from people who have said ‘Yeah, it upset him’ and perhaps more so about Goldust. Goldust persona than any other else, however, you’ll notice that even when we dressed up as Goldust as Dusty”Dream that’s what I’m thinking about doing. I’ll do it in five hours which means I have five hours to think of something new or to get your approval.’ He asked, “Is it going to benefit me or my child?’ I replied”I think so’ particularly at the time because it was more effective than the previous idea. Dream was also on board, so Dream was in agreement to the idea (Akeem). Dream thought that this was hilarious.”

“If Vince had a hard on Dusty, He would certainly take it on and do it in a mean-spirited manner and wouldn’t say, “Hey contact Dusty for a chat and inquire Dusty what his thoughts are on this. This isn’t being rude. This isn’t a way to be vindictive. This isn’t a way to be the rib. It’s not being rude. This is business-like and it’s showing respect for Dusty. We didn’t need to call Dusty to complain, but Dusty always wanted to from a respect for Dusty that he had Dusty’s blessing in some the other way or the other and that’s exactly what we did. This is how we operated with all the things that make people think, ‘Oh God! damn. They’re destroying Dusty.’ Dusty was smirking his arse off, and he was aware before it even was airborne.”

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