AEW star cleared, he has no Ties with the Devil

AEW star cleared, he has no Ties with the Devil
AEW/Who could it be?

The most popular storyline on AEW is about The Devil who is expected to come to an end in the next few hours when the Worlds End pay-per-view event. But there is a possibility that one AEW name has tried to dispel the possibility that they might be revealed behind a mask or connected to the person.


AEW returned in recent months when the Devil and his mysterious partners slaying individuals who are associated in AEW World Heavyweight champion MJF including Jay White, The Acclaimed as well as Billy Gunn, who had been feuding or collaborating with the best star.

Our personal Steve Fall was on the AEW Worlds End media conference this week, and Steve asked if The Devil will be revealed during the Worlds End event that takes place on the night of Saturday. AEW the president Tony Khan said he thinks that they are getting close to seeing the Devil being revealed, and that he anticipates “some big revelations and big moments at Worlds End.” He also said”the secrets will be revealed. “The secrets will be revealed.”

The downplaying of speculation

Wardlow who is known for his past with MJF and hasn’t wrestled since December 5th Collision in which he defeated Willie Mack. As can be seen in the video below Wardlow made a post on his Instagram Story to squelch any possibility that it might be him. He wrote: