Drew McIntyre Reveals Historical Friction with CM Punk

Drew McIntyre Reveals Historical Friction with CM Punk
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Drew McIntyre had fans talking coming out of the January 29th, 2024, edition of WWE Raw, where he laid out CM Punk, who tore his triceps two nights before in the Men’s Royal Rumble Match, to write off the former WWE Champion on television.


This was after a memorable promo exchange between the two men, as McIntyre noted that he had prayed after the match that Punk would get injured and not be able to make it to WrestleMania.

While speaking with The West Sport, McIntyre talked about the segment, noting there is freedom in WWE for certain wrestlers who have the trust of the company and say what feels right to them in promos.

McIntyre noted he agreed with a lot of things that Punk said in his promo, but he feels everything he says has to be true for the character work to make sense. He thinks it makes it feel real to everyone.

“Punk and I did have issues when I was younger. All that stuff is true. I went in there and told him, ‘I’ve been through injuries, I’ve had moments taken away from me, and I can understand that.'” McIntyre stated that he didn’t know he was going to bring up his mother fighting cancer until he heard what Punk said about his friend battling it.

Worst bump

McIntyre also shared what was the worst bump of his career, which was in Hell in a Cell against Randy Orton.

“I’ve lost every single cell match. I’ve fallen off the Cell. It was the worst bump of my entire career, and I fell 10 feet off the side. I was halfway up, but I’m 6′ 7″ with my wrestling boots on, so I’m looking back as before I fell an additional 7 feet. So, falling 17 feet through a table, and you got a table, can break your fall. I’m not going to suggest this to anybody, but gravity is a hell of a thing, and you weigh 280 [pounds], you pick up speed, and it was the worst thing in my career. I bit through my tongue right through the middle. I looked like a snake or something, and I got this crazy whiplash.”

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