Gunther Hits Another Remarkable Milestone in WWE

Gunther Hits Another Remarkable Milestone in WWE
He did it again

Intercontinental Champion Gunther has now hit yet another impressive WWE milestone after an unbelievable run with the title and a strong 2023 with momentum carrying over into 2024.

It all began when Gunther became the Intercontinental Champion by defeating Shinsuke Nakamura for the title and later surpassing Nakamura’s 201-day reign, which ended in 2019. He surpassed the record for the longest reign with the Intercontinental Championship this past September, where he broke The Honky Tonk Man’s record, which had stood for 35 years.

After making several defenses on SmackDown, he was moved to Raw alongside Imperium last year during the Draft, where he has continued to make defenses.

Tonight, he will defend the title against Jey Uso on Monday Night Raw. He doesn’t have a match lined up for Saturday’s Elimination Chamber PLE.

He has now held the title for 619 titles, making him the longest reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion when totaling combined days for champions with combined reigns, tying Pedro Morales, who had the record at 619 days with two title defenses. If Gunther gets past Uso tonight then Gunther will set the new record. For now, he’s tied.

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