February 13, 2024 WWE NXT summary

February 13, 2024 WWE NXT summary


13 February 2024

WWE Performance Center

Orlando, FL

This is our streaming live stream of WWE NXT. As usual, we’ll publish the results right away after each match. Keep checking this page regularly to view the latest results.

The show will air tonight will be on WWE NXT:

Tony D’Angelo and The Stacks fight for the Tag Team Championships of NXT from Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin

Carmelo Hayes vs Joe Gacy

Brinley Reese Kiana James

Von Wagner & Mr. Stone vs Noam Dar & Ora Mensah

Live coverage starts at 8 pm EST.

In the backstage area, Von Wagner and Mr. Stone attacked Noam Dar and Ora Mensah

Von Wagner & Mr. Stone vs Noam Dar & Ora Mensah (w/Jakara Jackson & Lash Legend)

Wagner grabbed Dar up to throw an explosive powerbomb, but Mensah hit Wagner’s leg as his referee’s attention was elsewhere by Jackson and Legend took up positions onto the ring’s on the apron. The referee turned to take note of the fall.

Winners: Noam Dar & Ora Mensah

In a skit that was pre-recorded, Chase U reopened. Adriana Rizzo came in. Jacy Jayne gave her a bag and informed Adriana that should Tony D’Angelo and Stacks retain their tag team titles tonight, Chase U wants a title shot. Adriana stated that she would look into what she could do.

Gallus Gauntlet Match:

Ridge Holland vs Wolfgang (w/Joe and Mark Coffey)

Holland Holland Wolfgang Holland Northern Grit to eliminate him.

Winner: Ridge Holland

Ridge Holland vs Mark Coffey (w/Joe Coffey and Wolfgang)

Holland Holland gave Mark his Northern Grit and went for the pinfall however Joe Coffey took Mark out to disqualify him. Wolfgang, Mark, and Joe were able to attack Holland. They planned to hit Holland with a chair however, Holland took the chair and struck all three of Gallus with the chair.

Winner: Ridge Holland

On stage, Lexis King told Mr. Stone that he’s got to get bored of losing. Von Wagner told King to leave the stage. King said to Stone that his kids want to be someone like me as a role model. If my music begins to play take your brats and grab your burgers and watch the show, then study

In the backstage area, No Quarter Catch Crew were taking a look at their Heritage Cup. Dar Mensah and Dar that they could look at it but you cannot play with it. The Crew told them we’ll be back following the trophy.

Lola Vice vs Tatum Paxley

Lyra Valkyria came to ringside to encourage Paxley. Vice wrapped the legs of Paxley’s shoulders and neck, causing her to surrender.

Lola Vice

In the backstage area, Luca Crusifino told Tony D’Angelo that he was pushed into the match and no one should dictate what he should do.

In the backstage area, Shotzi told Lyra Valkyria she wanted a photo of the title. Valkyria told her you’ll get this shot in the next few days.

Adriana Rizzo vs Jaida Parker

Rizzo took Parker by cradling him inside for a close fall. Rizzo suplexed Parker. Parker took Rizzo with a spinebuster, and an attack into the back for two points. Parker attacked Rizzo with a forearm, and put her in a bind.

Winner: Jaida Parker

In the backstage area, Baron Corbin told Bron Breakker that if we won the tag team title tonight, he’ll say Wolf Dogs once.

Carmelo Hayes vs Joe Gacy

Gacy offered Hayes the Bossman Slam. Hayes handed Gacy the Codebreaker which was an ankle drop off the top turnbuckle of Gacy’s neck, and then pinned Gacy. Following the fight, Dijak attacked Gacy and placed Gacy inside a straight jacket, and beat him to death.

Winner: Carmelo Hayes

In the backstage area, Roxanne Perez told me that I’ve waited for a whole year for an official title match. Shotzi has the title match due to her having posted a tweet. Are Ava simply handing out title matches. Wren Sinclair was explaining Shotzi’s qualifications and Roxanne hit her on the face.

Oba Femi was in the Ring. Lexis King appeared and said that she saw you declaring yourself to be the ruler. But I’m the King. I softened Dragon Lee for you so you could use your tournament breakout agreement. I placed the title on your shoulders, and it’s going be me who will take the title from you. Femi told you that you’ll get the title this week, but it’s not a throne you’ll sit on any time in the near future. King slammed Femi. Femi attempted to bomb King. King managed to escape.

In the backstage area, Brooks Jenson attacked Josh Brooks and they were both pulled away from one another immediately.

Kiana James (w/Izzi Dame) in opposition to Brinley Reece

Reece gave James the cutter. James also gave Reece the 401K, and then pinned her.

Winner: Kiana James

In the backstage area, Ava told Roxanne Perez that Wren Sinclair wants a match with her, and Perez said yes. Ava stated that she can discuss what you truly want, and that’s the film’s title.

On stage, Brinley Reece told Edris Enofe and Malik Blade she’s never been better or more motivated to work harder and become better.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match

Tony D’Angelo & Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo vs Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin

Corbin stopped his opponent Tornado DDT off of Stacks and awarded Corbin an End of Days. Tony wrestled Corbin and pushed the two out of the boxing ring. Breakker hit Stacks and then pinned Corbin to win the title.

Winners and the new NXT Tag Team Champions: Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin

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