Is a WWE Raw Star on the Verge of a Heel Turn?

Is a WWE Raw Star on the Verge of a Heel Turn?

WWE is teasing the possibility of a heel turn for the adored Raw Superstar.

On Tuesday Night Raw, Sami Zayn wrestled Shinsuke Nakamura at the top of the match. Michael Cole noted that Sami Zayn was in need of a win to get things going again since the wrestler hasn’t been able beat opponents lately. Cole pointed the fact that Nakamura “handed Zayn another loss” thanks to an assist by Drew McIntyre.

Zayn also was defeated by Randy Orton on Friday Night SmackDown in a match to qualify that will be used for an Elimination Chamber tournament that is scheduled to take place in just two weeks ‘ time, in Perth, Australia. Following the match, the camera was on Zayn in a state of shock over the loss.

In the previous episode of the evening’s WWE Raw show, they show Jackie Redmond interviewed Zayn earlier in the day in a vacant building. Nakamura stated that Zayn tried to scam people through trying to gain attention and keep the spotlight.

Tonight, the match ended with a post-match assault at Zayn by McIntyre as well. Nakamura in which Cody Rhodes ran out to make a save for Zayn’s friend. Under Vince McMahon’s unique regime this type of teaser would typically result in a turn, but it’s unclear which direction is being taken this time from Triple H. Whatever is going on with Zayn is that something is going to change about his character, as his losses continue to mount. He hasn’t been able to win a match since 2024.

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