Rocky Romero Active Behind the Scenes for AEW

Rocky Romero Active Behind the Scenes for AEW
Rocky Romero has another job

Rocky Romero works for various promotions, including NJPW, CMLL, and the most recently AEW.


He has been working on a per-show schedule for AEW along with Impact Wrestling since 2021 while working for NJPW and CMLL. The last time he was in a prominent AEW event was the one where he teamed up alongside Bryan Danielson on the November 10, 2021, show AEW Dynamite.

In an interview during a discussion on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez noted Romero is employed at the AEW office at present. But the exact position was not specified.


Bryan Alvarez: “Rocky Romero has a job as an office manager in AEW at the moment.”

Meltzer: “He’s still working for New Japan because I’ve seen certain people asking him this.”

Alvarez: “You know, what he really needed was a new job. He doesn’t even know to us who actually spoke about it during the program with him. …. he required a new job. Actually, the only thing he required was a new job. We were talking about his work in every promotion imaginable performing every possible job. He’s working on a variety of projects in the name of New Japan. He’s been doing a lot for AEW and CMLL. He was also working for AEW. It turns out that he has an employment opportunity in the office. Yeah. I’m not sure how the guy does it. But congrats. 

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