It’s improbable for other WWE stars to replicate Cody Rhodes’ non-PG promos from Raw

It's improbable for other WWE stars to replicate Cody Rhodes' non-PG promos from Raw
This is why Rhodes was allowed to do this

Title: WWE Talent Frustrated Over Double Standards with The Rock’s Promos

In recent events within WWE, there’s been a surge of frustration among talent regarding the disparity in treatment when it comes to scripted promos and the use of non-PG language. The focal point of this frustration has been The Rock, whose promos often include adult language, a departure from the company’s PG standards.

The return of The Rock to television has reignited discussions around the constraints faced by WWE talent, who are typically bound by the company’s PG guidelines, prohibiting the use of explicit language on both TV and social media platforms. A recent memo from Nick Khan, Triple H, and Dan Ventrelle, Executive Vice President of Talent, served as a reminder to all talent about adhering to the PG standards. However, The Rock’s return to using non-PG language has sparked criticism and raised questions about this double standard.

After The Rock’s electrifying concert segment on last week’s SmackDown, fans clamored for a response from Cody Rhodes ahead of their anticipated WrestleMania tag team match. Rhodes delivered a promo on Monday’s Raw, deviating from the usual PG tone, which caught the attention of many.

During a discussion on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez reflected on Rhodes’ non-PG promo and the underlying tensions within WWE. While Meltzer acknowledged the existence of the memo reiterating the PG policy, he emphasized that Rhodes was given the leeway to respond to The Rock in kind to maintain his babyface persona. Alvarez expressed skepticism regarding the authenticity of the memo, highlighting the perceived inconsistencies in enforcing the PG standards.

Meltzer clarified that the memo was indeed circulated among talent, indicating a conscious effort to maintain consistency in WWE’s branding. However, Rhodes’ promo was seen as an exception due to the necessity of his response to The Rock’s captivating performance on SmackDown. Despite concerns about maintaining the desired narrative, Rhodes’ delivery was deemed satisfactory, further highlighting the complexities surrounding talent management and creative direction within WWE.

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