Tony Khan’s Discontent Towards Jack Perry Regarding the CM Punk Matter Persists

Tony Khan's Discontent Towards Jack Perry Regarding the CM Punk Matter Persists

Title: Tony Khan’s Grudge Against Jack Perry Lingers After CM Punk Incident

Tony Khan, the CEO of AEW, appears to still harbor resentment towards one of the company’s promising talents, Jack Perry, following an altercation involving CM Punk.

The Incident After the incident at AEW All In last August, Perry seemingly disappeared from the scene. This incident stemmed from a disagreement between Perry and Punk regarding the use of real glass during a segment on television. Perry’s decision to incorporate a spot involving a car windshield and a reference to glass led to a physical confrontation at All In, resulting in Perry’s suspension and Punk’s departure from the company. Despite this, Perry has since found opportunities with NJPW while remaining under contract with AEW.

Current Status During a discussion on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer provided insights into Perry’s current status within AEW. Despite rumors suggesting Perry’s termination, Meltzer clarified that Perry has not been fired but is currently not being utilized by the company. It’s revealed that Tony Khan is reportedly upset with Perry, attributing blame to him for Punk’s departure. Meltzer questions the fairness of Perry’s extended punishment, emphasizing that the situation has persisted for seven months, far exceeding what might be deemed appropriate. He argues that Perry should have faced a suspension of perhaps a month or two at most.

Reflections Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez delve into the complexity of the situation, with Alvarez noting that Punk’s involvement in the altercation ultimately led to his departure, shifting the responsibility away from Perry. Alvarez suggests that Punk could have resolved the issue professionally by simply advocating for Perry’s suspension. However, the situation has evolved into an ongoing grudge between Tony Khan and Jack Perry, casting doubt on the fairness of Perry’s treatment in light of the circumstances surrounding the incident.

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