John Cena Reveals Near Heel Turn During Feud with The Rock, Leading to Creation of New Attire and Theme Song

John Cena Reveals Near Heel Turn During Feud with The Rock, Leading to Creation of New Attire and Theme Song

John Cena recently did an interview with Chris Van Vliet

John Cena on who is the ultimate wrestler:

“I believe that people who push the company to new standards from a performance perspective. This is only my opinion, and it’s not about objectiveness. This is my personal view. It’s not true my assertions. Hulk Hogan would have to be there along with Steve Austin, Dwayne Johnson and Roman Reigns.”

Cena said that he was astonished when he realized that he was the man who was the best in WWE:

“Never. Never. And I think this perspective is muddled it’s just my opinion. It was just that you wanted the title. The field is becoming more gray, and people are looking for the word the locker room leader is being tossed around. And the man is treated as if the title should be the same instrument and I believe it enhances credibility of the championship whether it’s one or any other championship. The significance of this is the fact that you can channel what you want to say in inside the industry through the props we offer you. That’s my opinion “

Which of his championships he has won 16 times is his most cherished:

“My next project. It would be awesome. I’ve frequently said that it’s time for me to hang it up, and it’s true when i claim that But it’s not the day of tomorrow. It’s likely to be soon but it’s not today and you don’t have a clue.”

The differences he notices in himself since the year 2002 to 2024

“I believe that the traits they have in common are grit, gratitude as well as perseverance and humility. The difference I see is the younger version is less self-confident and the older version is lacking wisdom. Thus, John Cena in 2002 gets to take on Kurt Angle under the impression of two words: Ruthless Aggression. This was a failure as I wasn’t ruthless or combative, so I was not aware of the possibility. My blinders were being given the opportunity to show up and do all you can to show that you’re able to wrestle. The reality was that I was offered the golden ticket along with an e-gimmick. Abrasiveness, and yes I wasn’t prepared. The fight was held just a matter of time due to the fact that Undertaker had a stomach virus. The gear didn’t work and neither did the manner of conduct. As a sportsman and thankful particularly after I hit the guy in the face who was slapping me, I should be doing more during the contest to scratch out an eyeball, take a swipe at his tights or even be the complete opposite of brutal aggression. Be a peacemaker, whatever you are however, I did not dive into the situation I was offered. I simply went out to try out things. Handshakes was with The Undertaker, somebody who’s brutally aggressive, would have slapped him the way Kurt Angle did. then you’re wondering, “Who is this f*** is this guy’ however, I was unable to understand it because I was blind about what the business was about. Today, I like going to NXT because everyone has their own persona. I was thinking, ‘What could I do? Have you ever considered this idea?’ But people are thinking exactly the way I was thinking, that I’d like to do these movements. It’s true that you must however, you must convince them.”

If he thought about himself as an actor that makes films, instead of being a wrestler who creates films:

“I believe that I will never not be a part within the WWE family in the first place. Therefore, if I answer the question from my own perspective it’s not the case that the switch has occurred. I’m sure you know me. I often speak highly of WWE during my time and the experiences I had there. I cannot tell you how much the crowd has transformed me into the person that I am today. To have to contend with crowds that are polarized and the polarizing nature of audiences, we’ve seen lots of performers fail to manage that. And having to endure that for all of time, it can teach the audience about themselves and makes you go on an experience of self-worth. So I’m not sure if I’ll ever be a part of the WWE members first.”

If he was getting close to turning his heel:

“It was Cena Rock 1. I was informed that they were planning to make it happen. I set out to record an entirely new song. I went out and purchased the latest equipment. I was not prepared to deal with Ruthless Aggression. It was the only time I was not prepared. I’m talking about hearing the rumblings of, we’re going to make it happen within the span of 48 hours I had a brand-new track, a brand new track for the studio mix, and a mix that was final. Seven new singlets one-pieces cut low, with robes of a boxing type. The boots were already stored and decided to dust them off. I was all set and was already thinking about how I could write about the experience. What is the definition of a heel? It’s not just a new piece of equipment. The objectiveness, or meaning behind the singlet, the boxing robes and boots, is exactly the opposite of what you’ve seen in the street clothes including the jeans shorts the T-shirt and the ball cap the sneakers. Take the opposite approach and now embrace something that is completely opposite from everything that you stand for. This means I’d start to relax and not put in as much effort. I would appear less. I would appear untrustworthy and untrustworthy. I would be disrespected for the things I did. I’d have to have to give up many things. You can use to create interesting stories. This is what’s going through my mind and not the moves I make. I’m thinking, how can I take intellectual property that the public is familiar with and bend it into something that says, this person’s insane. It’s everything I’ve come admire and now hate it and am a bad person, and I believe that’s the discussion that eventually held where the conversation was that it’s an awful idea. I’m saying”Hey, I’m sure it’s going to hurt however, I’m not going to make another T-shirt. I’m going to remove everything from the market. I’m not putting out any new products. I’m not planning to make any appearances. I’m not doing any Make-A-Wish events. I’m not doing any of this. I’m going be a bad guy to be your good guy look like a good guy is able to do this. Then I thought”we’re a little too deep. It worked out the way it did. out But my bro was prepared.”

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