Kevin Dunn is Departing WWE after Cecades with the Company

Kevin Dunn is Departing WWE after Cecades with the Company

A major news story broke from WWE tonight, as the company will be hosting its final show this year at Los Angeles. reports the news that Kevin Dunn, who has worked for since 1980s, has announced that he is going to leave the company. Dunn was among Vince McMahon’s top staffers and Dunn was among the most influential employees in the background.

PWInsider says that Dunn spoke to the company during the Christmas period about his plans to leave. This was a significant reason for his decision was the company has been making changes internally after TKO began to take over the company following the merger. A source was quoted as declaring the Dunn had stated that he was “never going to do anything that was dictated” to his. In the past, Dunn was the person who was in charge of the TV production. Dunn’s issues reportedly had nothing to do with creativity however there were a variety of opinions about how to run things on the production side of TV.

In a way the way he left, it’s quite shocking, but those who are familiar with Dunn already knew Dunn wasn’t likely to stay for too long once Vince McMahon’s power diminished following the merger. Everything you see from method of filming the shows to lighting, even the shake-prone camera shots which some have criticised could be the result of Dunn.

Dunn was in the spirit of Vince McMahon’s belief of ensuring that WWE is more than professional wrestling, but a sports entertainment business. While McMahon and other WWE executives have praised the work Dunn accomplished for WWE, there were numerous stories concerning Dunn rub people in the wrong way. Jim Cornette is one person who has been out about his hatred for Dunn in the past when they were both employed by the same company.

Now that Dunn being removed from the picture the main issue is who will be in charge of the production aspect of things and will this mean a change in the style of the show. The answer to that question is likely to be within the next few days.

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