Kurt Angle stated WWE WrestleMania clash with Shawn Michaels was Greatest Ever

Kurt Angle stated WWE WrestleMania clash with Shawn Michaels was Greatest Ever
WWE/Kurt Angle thinks highly of this match

Kurt Angle did a Q&A session at Steel City Con where he answered a variety of questions from fans, such as what the relationship between him and WWE is. The Hall of Famer in WWE has also described the match of his WrestleMania 21 match of 2005 as one of the greatest matches ever. These are the highlights:

In relation to the subject of his WWE status:

“WWE has employed me. The last time I appeared on the WWE, I performed an episode in Pittsburgh in which the milk truck rolled into the arena and I sprayed Chad Gable and Otis with milk. This was a recreation of what I did against “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in 2001 when I drove the milk truck into the arena. This was a recreation of the same scene. However, they also had a birthday party for me in the past, which was called the WWE. Also, I have been doing certain occasions with them. Therefore, I’m still a part of them. I’m signed with WWE and I’m certain they’ll employ me in the future at WrestleMania and Royal Rumble or something. They always have something to offer. So, I’ll eventually create something new and exciting with WWE I’m sure I’ll do it in the near future.”

The match that stands out most

Angle has been a part of countless memorable matches in his career regardless of whether it was at WWE and TNA Wrestling. For him, his most favorite match is when he takes on Chris Benoit in 2003, however, he is a fan of his WrestleMania match against Shawn Michaels in high regard.

“Oh, God. It’s hard for me to describe some of his best matches, but my top match ever is actually with Chris Benoit at the Royal Rumble 2003. I was reminded of him. He was as intense. He had similar, same physique, the similar athleticism. When we were together there was battle, very intense matches. However, there were other matches that I thoroughly enjoyed, the most notable one of which was planned to be at WrestleMania however Vince McMahon didn’t want to make it happen because he had an undefeated streak as he was not willing for to end it. And it was Undertaker No Way Out 2006. I had a fantastic fight with him. It was truly special. Particularly when it comes to an athlete of that size, already know that Undertaker is a huge 300-pounder and was seven feet tall. To be able to compete such as that against a man who is that tall is quite amazing. That’s just an indication of the level of talent Undertaker was. Another match, which is one of my top picks, is Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 21. I believe I believe that it was the most memorable match ever. Shawn and I were just a perfect match. And the most interesting fact is that we’ve have never had a relationship before or had an opportunity to play together. Also, during each week we expected to go in the ring and work on moves and so on. We never did anything like that. We never even tied up. We had that kind of relationship with Shawn that demonstrates how talented Shawn was. It’s true that everyone thinks he’s the best superstar ever and I think the same. He’s that great because he’s never played an unlucky match. He’s played an amazing match against everyone which just proves the level of his talent.”

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