Kurt Angle’s New Year’s aims is to improve as a brother, father, and husband

Kurt Angle's New Year's aims is to improve as a brother, father, and husband

WWE Hall of Fame Kurt Angle began the New Year with a brand-new podcast. He also asked fans questions. He was a former WWE Champion discussed things from his professional career, as well as the things he hopes to accomplish in 2024.

Kurt Angle’s New Year’s Resolution for 2024:

“To be the best father, brother and husband. The reason I’m saying that is that I completely neglected my family during all the years of professional wrestling. And when I quite ousted, or retired I was depressed. It was about me I, me I, me. For a long time, I had a difficult dealing with retirement, but I eventually was able to get over it and was like, “You are right? You’re at a different point of your life. It’s time to become an affluent father and husband.’ Since I was a child, my family and my wife are waiting on me and now I’m here and I’m taking the decision. I’ve become a better father and husband and intend to keep doing this in the coming years.”

On his most-loved Royal Rumble:

“My most cherished Rumble game included Benoit the 2003 Royal Rumble for the WWE title, but my all-time favorite Rumble match, which I’m able to remember watching it, and I think it was at Madison Square Garden. I believe it was 2002. Triple H and I were the two remaining in the arena. I can remember losing the match to Triple H and I believe Triple H just returned from an injury, and this was his moment of glory. Naturally, I haven’t had a Royal Rumble moment where I took home at the Royal Rumble, but you know, finishing second against Triple H and being a part of that feeling good night. The fans went crazy, and it was a great experience.”

Maintaining a straight face when shooting vignettes Steve Austin during Austin’s heel run:

“When I was doing the gig with Austin and the cowboy hats and all that stuff, it was really hard. I mean, we had a really difficult time getting through any take. It got so bad that Vince was like, ‘Listen. Anybody that laughs before I yell cut, you’re getting fined $2,000.’ So, everybody kinda started getting serious about it. Even though it was comedy, they weren’t allowed to laugh until Vince yelled, ‘Cut.’. So that really helped. I’m not going to lie to you. I will tell you this. When we did the pre-tapes, I would break character probably nine or 10 times in one day. That would have been 18 to $20,000 fine if Vince were to fine me. So, I had to straighten up and keep my composure after that because Vince didn’t want to waste any more time. He wanted to get these pre-tapes done and he wanted them done quickly.”

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