The SmackDown announce team going to change initiated by WWE

The SmackDown announce team going to change initiated by WWE

WWE is experimenting with regard to its commentators.

Changes in the past

The last change was made in August of last year when it was announced that Michael Cole and Wade Barrett will be commentators for Raw. Cole continued to be on SmackDown and was joined by Kevin Patrick and Corey Graves.

The teams prior to the change included Patrick as well as Graves on the Raw brand, as well as Cole along with Barrett for SmackDown. It has been reported that the switch was made because WWE was a big fan on Patrick and believes that the pairing of Patrick alongside Cole could help his development as an broadcaster.

Cole was the main play-by-play announcer on SmackDown for several years prior to changing to Raw. Barrett had been a commentator for NXT prior to his move to SmackDow at the end of 2022.

New team

Pwinsider says the news that is being discussed within WWE are that announcement teams comprise of two booths moving forward, putting an end to Cole’s stint on SmackDown.

If you tune into Raw Tonight for Day 1 edition, it will feature Cole and Barrett as well as SmackDown on Friday, with the New Year’s Resolution theme, will be featuring Patrick as well as Graves.