Massive Bout Withdrawn from WWE Elimination Chamber

Massive Bout Withdrawn from WWE Elimination Chamber

Men’s WWE Elimination Chamber PLE had a major match planned but it was cancelled.

Many of you may have noticed that Bronson Reed was not present at the show and thanked Triple H for accommodating him. But Fightful Select claims this wasn’t the reason he was off the show.

According to Fightful Select, Reed was initially scheduled to compete against Seth Rollins, the current World Heavyweight Champion. Reed’s promos contained hints that he was targeting a champion who had no idea what was going to happen.

The match was abandoned when Rollins was not permitted to wrestle, leading to a change of plans. Despite the good fortune that came with his wife’s birth, Reed was willing to continue working on the show even before she gave birth. Rollins and Cody Rhodes were featured on The Grayson Waller Effect, with Rollines stating that he would be released in a few days. Wrestling News Talk (video below) chatted with us about unannounced but planned WrexMania plans and matches. We also discussed how The Rock intends to handle WrestleMania and how the WWE will change with their Netflix release.

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