Nailz Alleges Vince McMahon’s Debt and Career Ruination Tactics

Nailz Alleges Vince McMahon's Debt and Career Ruination Tactics

Dr. Chris Featherstone of Sportskeeda recently spoke to the former WWE superstar Nailz (Kevin Wacholz) for their WrestleBinge channel. Nailz was a wrestler in the AWA and made his debut in WWE on the night of 1992. He left the WWE just one month into his tenure with WWE after he slayed Vince McMahon backstage overpay issues.

Nailz about working alongside Big Boss Man:

“It was a really exciting match particularly against Boss Man. We fought opponents from one side in the arena to another. Outside, we were slamming each opponent with tables and chairs and then choking each other by tying cables. We basically beat each other to death and we were both quite bruised and bloody after the match. These were truly excellent, intense, and tough-core games and it appeared like there was a belief in the crowd they were the real deal. There was no fake or false information being shouted out. They were saying, “these people are killing each other.'”

What if Vince McMahon had other plans for his character:

“I do not know what was going through his head in terms of where the character’s story was going to be and how the character was going to accomplish with the character. What I learned in the office was “we want you to do this we’d like you accomplish that.’ It didn’t pan out for a long-term run as I think the guy was missing the boat. He could have utilized me as well as the character to last a longer time. The majority of the fans who come out and say, ‘I would like to see you around for a longer time’ because we loved your character. We truly loved your energy …'”

What he was hoping for in Vince McMahon when he went to him

“I simply wanted to discuss the contract as well as the various monetary…basically the fact that I owe him money and I needed to be payment in exchange for my work. I wanted to be compensated for the services I provided. He told me I would earn a lot of money through WWF and I’m sure I was able to fulfill my promise. I was able to portray the character effectively. It was my job to put the people into seats and he did not play his role and that’s what we talked about …”

How he feels about the event now in retrospect:

“You need to be a strong advocate for yourself. It’s not a man when you allow someone else to get on top of you, treat as a bug and make you feel like the cockroach. He owes me money. If people don’t take action for themselves, no one is going to do it. You must do it to yourself. This is the kind of person I am. I’m an advocate for myself, and if I don’t trust certain things, I’ll let you know. I’ll voice my displeasures. People were scared to speak with him. There were a lot of people who were afraid to enter a room and speak to him. He would slam them. He shattered a lot of careers of people. He shattered the livelihoods of many people and people were afraid to talk about what was going through their minds. They were scared to speak with him. He stumbled into the wrong person.”

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